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Jul 9, 2010 09:28 AM

Behold the Chain: Once Mighty Now Fallen. GD Ritzy's

Going to the GD Ritzy's in Lexington Kentucky was a big treat for me and my sister when we were kids.

What happened to this chain? They used to be everywhere and now a sighting is extremely rare.

Who's been to a GD Ritzy's lately?

How was it and where was it located?

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  1. There was one here in Bloomington, IN, but it closed about 15 years ago. They had great dogs and burgers, and just about the best chocolate milkshakes on the planet. It was a popular spot, so we were shocked when it went out of business.

    1. Altho I haven't been there in over 15 years, there were 2 in Evansville, IN. A google search says that there are now 3 stores in E'ville. I liked the shoestring fries and chicken salad sandwich.

      1. I used to frequent the one in Patchen Village back before moved away from Lexington. My understanding is that they tried to expand too quickly and ended up having to close most of the locations. I think there are still a few of the original restaurants in Indiana and there was supposed to be a location in Ownesboro last I heard. They may be rolling out some new locations as "Ritzy's Fresh American Diner" according to a google search I just did.

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        1. There is a GD Ritzy's in Huntington, WV. I believe it's independently owned.
          They had a market opportunity and missed it somehow. Steak 'n' Shake has filled that void.

          1. There was a GD Ritzy's in Wooster Ohio and it was a favorite first date spot for ice cream after a movie, and I agree that their hot dogs were great. The last GDs that I was at was on High street across from OSU in Columbus in the late 80s.

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              Get caught up here http://www.roadfood dot com/Forums/GD-Ritzys-m133685-p2.aspx

              Ritzy's is making a comeback out here in the great state of Texas