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Jul 9, 2010 08:39 AM

Galilee restaurants & things to do

I'm going to Karmiel for a week (thanks MarkC and CheeseMan for your help with places there!!), though am willing to venture out to the Galilee area, and need recommendations for both restaurants and interesting things to do while there. Thank you!

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  1. Not long ago we spent a weekend in the galilee. We stayed in Rosh Pina, which has developed into a major tourist hub (in a good sense). We stayed at a place called Pina Ba Rosh, which touts its wine bar as a major attraction. I didn't think much of their wine selection, but the place is nice, with a beautiful outdoor sitting area for taking your breakfast, and the restaurant is good too.

    We had an excellent dinner at Aluma Bekfar in Ramot Naftali. It calls itself a tapas restaurant (which is very trendy in Israel these days), specializing in small dishes - mediterranean with a Spanish twist. Great food if you want to travel this far north. It is also an inn, with rooms to let. Here's a link: http://www.haaretz.com/culture/arts-l...

    The Galilee and Golan aren't very tempting destinations in the height of summer, when the landscape is burnt to a crisp. However, there is one advantage, which is that fruit is in season. There is a tour guide named Morris who specializes in native fruit trees - old orchards planted by generations past that have gone wild - heirloom species that you won't find in any supermarket. Morris will take you around in his jeep to sample wild almonds, mulberries, hawthorn berries, and figs. You will not eat more delicious fruit in your life. A bit early for figs, unfortunately, but the mulberries will be great. Morris can be reached at 052-849-9217. Not cheap, so try and gather several families to split the cost.

    1. for a more laid-back dinner, just south of Rosh Pina on the highway is a gas station (5 min drive south) on the east side.
      it has a VERY good shishlik restaurant.