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Jul 9, 2010 08:21 AM

San Jose, Costa Rica

I'm going to San Jose for one week on July 18th to study Spanish and would appreciate some recommendations for restaurants that are really worth going to. I'll be staying with a host family and eating most of my meals with them, but I'd also like to venture out and try the local fare at some restaurants. Thank you!

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  1. Trying to bring this thread to the top. I too will be in San Jose starting the 16th. Anything good within walking distance of the National Theatre would be appreciated.
    I'll have 2 kids in tow, so nothing real fancy

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      My favorite "not fancy" restaurant in San Jose is Europa. The cevice is "to die for". I frequented CR and this restaurant often in the 70s and 1980; I hope Europa is still in business.

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        My favorite "fancy" is the Curime restaurant at the Cariari hotel.

    2. I had a wonderful lunch at the café in the National Theater (Teatro Nacional) several years ago. The magnificent setting made the experience particularly memorable.

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        Sadly, you guys are a couple of months late. Had a wonderful time in CR, but mo memorable food in San Jose.