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Jul 9, 2010 07:51 AM

lobster lovin for yale mom?

we are midwesterners coming to visit ds in new haven,ct. where would we find a great lobster dinner somewhere fairly close, and not have to sell our shoes to pay for it??? fully cooked meal at a sit-down res., or even steamed at a picnic table where should we go?

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  1. For a fun BYOB lobster dinner try the PLace in Guilford. Picnic atmosphere, good, reasonable and relaxed lobster dinner, 10 minutes from New Haven.

    1. Lenny's in Branford if you want to be served a full lobster shore dinner, not fancy. Note that their clam chowder is not NE style--it is clear broth. Incredible steamers. Fried food too.

      Another option you may like is Chowderpot in Branford--fine for lobsters.

      Many CHers don't love Chowderpot but it is fine for lobsters and great peel-and-eat shrimp for a great price. You can search the board for details. I am not a fan of Lenny & Joe's but that's just me, like those who don't love Chowderpot.

      Both are quick drives up I-95, two towns over.

      Oh. . . and if you're looking for inexpensive basic lobster, Bar-B-Q Restaurant in Milford on Route 1 has Twin Lobsters for $17.95 and SBC in Downtown Milford also had some incredible lobster deal on Wed & Thu nights--$9.99 for one 1-1/4 lb alacarte, but be sure to call first to be sure they are still offering it. (You can't really screw up a lobster too badly.)

      1. I know it is not a restaurant, but if your visit will be July 24, The 34th Annual Milford Rotary Lobster Bake is really fun, lobster-filled event, just two towns over from New Haven. Milford is a great town full or friendly people, and the harbor area is very quaint. More info at:

        1. If you want a good lobster dinner there is a great little road house in Milford, CT 591 Post Road called the BBQ Restaurant. They have twin lobsters for under $18.00 and know how to cook them! I am from Maine originally so they must be steamed 7 mins per pound and this place does it right. We were here last night and you will need a reservation if it is a Friday or Saturday night. They are really busy now. It is a tiny place that does a great job as food is very fresh. My partner had steak cooked to perfection and served with wonderful mashed potatoes (a meal for the land lubbers) Fresh food, great service who could ask for more?