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Jul 9, 2010 07:32 AM

Driving Through East Texas - Want the Best Hole-In-The-Wall BBQ

I will be driving through East Texas, from Tulsa, OK to Marshall, TX on a Sunday in August as a part of a cross-country road trip. We will pass through Paris TX, then follow 271 to Mt. Pleasant, 49 to Daingerfield, Hughes Springs, Avinger, and Jefferson, and then 59 to Marshall.

I'd love to get some suggestions for great non-chain BBQ. This will be one part of a longer road trip so we want to do something that won't take hours but we are willing to detour for a great experience.

Appreciate all suggestions. Thanks.

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  1. Check the post by Mike Miller toward the very end of this thread for places in Marshall:

    Clark's in Tioga gets some good reviews, especially for the ribs, I think - I've never been. You might try searching this board or might get more on them on the Dallas board - it's the other way out of Paris from the direction you're going.

    Search the board for Paris and Daingerfield, at least.

    You might be passing by one of the places serving Pittsburg Hot Links in that area that might be an overall good bbq joint.

    Pittsburg Hot Links
    136 W Marshall St, Pittsburg, TX 75686

    1. Blaylock's in Mt. Pleasant and Bodacius in Mt. Pleasant serve some mighty fine BBQ.

      Blaylock BBQ @ 2310 North Jefferson Ave., Mt Pleasant, TX 903 - 572 - 1561.
      Bodacius BBQ @ 100 West Ferguson Rd., Mt Pleasant, TX 903 - 572 - 7860.