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Jul 9, 2010 07:24 AM

New Filipino restaurant on Route 40 in Ellicott City / Catonsville?

Does anyone know and/or have been to this restaurant? Someone mentioned it to me off hand one day, but I have not been able to find anything about it online or otherwise. Thanks in advance!

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  1. There is a filipino place but it's off Route 40 in Middle River (East of Baltimore). It's called Mama Rosa Rotisserie & Grill, 836 Middle River Road, Middle River, MD 21220 Phone (443) 559-5900. They have a facebook page. Enjoy!

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    1. re: Mistachestnut

      Thanks Mistachestnut! I am aware of Mama Rosa, but someone told me there is another place on 40. I have been keeping my eyes peeled, but so far, no luck.

      If you have been to Mama Rosa, how's the food?

      1. re: angel816

        My parents have been in the States since the late 50's. Of course,
        THEY are going to say, "it's not that good" because a) they don't want to have to pay for something they can make themselves, or b) it's not humongous ginormous portions.

        Mama Rosa's is much like a carry-out pizza place: a buffet line with people behind it to take your order, a lighted menu board, 2 flat screen TVs, some counter space with stools to eat, and tables. No rez.

        HOWEVER! I think the food is good. Pork BBQ on a stick, lumpia shanghai, a variety of baked goods (both outsourced, like ensaymada, baked siopao, pan de sal, pan de coco from NJ, and made sticky rice, HALO-HALO ESPECIAL!, puto, empanadas,,,), lechon kawali, inasal chicken. Daily specials like goto, chicharon bulakak, laing. Of course, Sat and Sun they have REALLY special things, like lumpiang sariwa, kare-kare, paksiw, caldareta, pancit. Have a pretty robust catering business, too.

        They are on FB; that's where they put most of their specials. The restaurant is officially called Mama Rosa's Rotisserie and Grill on Middle River Road in Essex, MD.

        1. re: SteviesBaby

          Thanks! I am now really excited to try it out!

          1. re: angel816

            Me too! I'm just a bit sad that they don't seem to offer some of my Filipino favorites like pinakbet, sinigang, and sisig, but having halo-halo on the menu makes up for it. Hope to make it there this weekend, and will definitely report back.

            1. re: baltoellen

              Their halo-halo is good but no ice cream in it, though. They offer even more filipino selections on Saturdays and Sundays. They list them on their Facebook page for each day. This Sunday they'll have Pinakbet, Crispy Pata, Palabok, and more.

              1. re: Mistachestnut

                I messed up and went Friday night. We had the chicken and the fried lechon. Neither of which thrilled me. I did ask about the pinakbet, and did learn that it was today. I'll definitely have to try again another weekend.

                Regarding the halo-halo, I saw it and immediately asked about the ube ice cream. There was ube in the bottom. I have to say, though, that's it's hard to eat in a plastic cup in the winter!

    2. If it the one at Chatahm squre in the same plaza as the home depot. It has been thier for years. I haven't been recently but they use to have a nice lunch buffet and in the decent dinners,

      The best, chinese around in Howard county is Chop Stixx for chinese non buffet. Buffet is Panada buffet in Lottes plaza on 29. Far superior food qaulity to the buffet at Wallmart Landsdown and Glen Burnie.. Owner of the buffet in the walmart also owns like 29 other buffet between delware and dc,

      I guess if wanted Filipino food. I would drive to rockville on 355 by millers brothers dealership is an awesome Filipino resturant,

      1. Okay! So I finally made it out there this past weekend. Had the kare kare, palabok, and pinkabet. Not bad, but even for filipino food, a bit too oily. Although the palabok was awesome, and the kare kare sauce was spot on. It wasn't as good as Pampanga Cafe, but for something satisfying and cheap... not a bad choice.