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Jul 9, 2010 06:54 AM

Bond Street Bar - Asbury Park

Tried this place last night. Is a great place to sip some cheap, quality microbrew beers and good burgers and sandwiches. Keep in mind that the emphasis is on "Bar." There is one table with a couple benches inside, and a few outdoor tables on the sidewalk. Otherwise there is just the bar which can seat about a dozen. There was alternative rock music on the sound system.

Here is the menu on their Facebook page:

BEER. $3 // DRINKS. $4-$6
WINE. $4 // SHOTS. $4-$6
FOOD. $4-$6 // SIDES. $3

I forgot to grab one of their menus to post, but it is essentially divided between 5 or 6 types of burgers, sandwiches and sides. There are also a few daily specials posted on a board over the bar.

We settled on a couple draft "Magic Hat" beers; I had the BSB Burger (Sauteed onions, cheese, mushrooms and chipotle sauce) and my friend had a grilled turkey, Swiss and mushroom sandwich on rye. We also split a basket of onion rings (Seem to be the same "black & tan" rings featured at Boom and now at JS BBQ and Lil Masters Grill.)

All the food was well prepared and tasty, beer was cold and the atmosphere was nicely appointed old school neighborhood bar. Service was very friendly if a little shaky at times (Could have used napkins, had to grab some cocktail napkins from the bar supply tray). All in all it is a pleasant place without any of the "attitude" that some folks on this board have noted about some of Asbury's recently opened establishments.

The prices could not be beat. Bill for the 2 of us was $26 before tip.

208 Bond Street
Asbury Park, NJ, 07712
Wed - Sun:
12:00 pm - 2:00 am

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  1. sounds like my kind of place. Will add it to my list....Mark ,do you ever eat at home? You are as bad as I am......j

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    1. re: Barbarella

      I don't go out on New Years, Valentines day or Mothers day... :-)

      1. re: equal_Mark

        dave from market in the middle is running the kitchen concession-style i believe, his burgers are quick and well-priced, hate to switch up chef's menu offerings but most have swiss, haha. brisket sandwich is excellent. place has a south philly hipster vibe to it, little too grimey and neighborhood-y to be brooklyn. not necessarily "craft" beers, but number 9 is uncommon and damn good. 2 for $3 nips are good deal, esp. the sols. all in all a cool place, will supplant brickwall and all in all make both more successful.

        1. re: longbranchgourmet

          "too grimey and neighborhood-y?" What's that about? OK, it's not Hooters, but to me that's a good thing...

          1. re: equal_Mark

            I don't think he meant that in a bad way..

            1. re: equal_Mark

              Grimey? The place just opened and it's all "new," that is, they salvaged old materials to make the bar feel as though it had always been there. We stopped in the last Sunday in August after a frustrating experience at Brickwall, around the corner on Cookman. Bond Street Bar is definitely the spot. Cold, cheap, tasty microbrew, no B.S. on the drinks menu, good smart ur-classic tunes playing, and perfect bar food. They had a $5 garlic provolone burger that was, together with their fried pickles side, honestly, the best meal of the weekend.

      2. Coolest new bar in Asbury, hands down. Food is cheap and delicious. Fish tacos are the bomb. You get two for five bucks. The fish is nice and light. Very fresh. Not sure what the other dude was talking about the place being grimey. Grimey isn't the word. Original art work painted on the walls by local artist Porkchop. Great antique edison bulbs hanging from pendant lights down the bar (although I wish they would buy the same matching bulbs for all the lights). Always good tunes playing. This is definitely a place you would find in Brooklyn, Philly or any city for that matter. Again, not sure what the other dude was talking about. And while it is a hipster haven it still has a nice mixed crowd without the pretentious vibe you typically encounter at most hipster hangouts. Bartenders are all cool and friendly. Sometimes it's tough to get a beer but that is because it is really busy on Friday and Saturday nights and 4 deep at the bar. In this economy you can't ask for a better place to hang out. Most bars charge 4 and 5 bucks for a beer. At Bond Street their $2 for cans, $3 drafts. My only complaint is that the space is small. But what can you do? I used to live next door to this place and have been dreaming for years about a bar opening here. Finally it has come to fruition. Definitely my favorite new watering hole.

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        1. re: jasont12

          Did like the light bulbs... (Hey guys... The bulb over the bar closest to the front door is burnt out!) :-)

          1. re: jasont12

            Are the fish tacos served on plain corn tortillas? Have a friend who needs the gluten free thing...

            1. re: jasont12

              I don't think the 'dude' was ripping the place dude, just trying to give people a mental picture. Not everyone knows the local artists by name. great first post though, lot's of info about pricing & lightbulbs, oh the taco's sound good.

            2. The original comment has been removed
              1. Although generally a fan of Bond Street I stopped in today and ordered a hamburger and their brisket montecrIsto sandwich to go. The burger was just OK, perhaps it does not travel well, but the brisket was terrible.

                I would not order food to go here again and as far as the brisket, which was served on french toast with a maple syrup dipping sauce with very little brisket and a poor quality smoked turkey - forget about it altogether.

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                1. re: JerzeyShore

                  agreed Jerzey...i also enjoy Bond Street very much however my least favorite menu item i've tried is the Monte Cristo...a fantastic sounding concept however it was all together a big dissapointment overeall pretty tasteless and too chewy...there are many other yummy options though!

                2. Oh yeah, I love this place. AP has needed this. Not as snooty as Annex and amazing ambiance and prices. My favorite part is that the drafts are served in mason jars. Been here a couple times.

                  All the food I've tried is delicious, but I don't see it travelling well either. The best were the fried pickles and grilled cheeses (SOOO GOOD!). The comment referring to the Market in the Middle chef is correct (unless its changed since I heard). The bartenders don't ignore me no matter how busy they are. I'm always invisible at other bars and there are only 2 bartenders working usually.

                  One important note, CASH ONLY. I'm pretty sure they have a ATM, but I don't trust those stand alone units with their ridiculous fees.