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Jul 9, 2010 06:32 AM

Mr. Rain's Fun House

Has anyone been to Mr. Rain's Fun House on the third floor of the American Visionary Art Museum? The menu looks fantastic and they are on Groupon today. Any info. would be appreciated.



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  1. Mr Rain's Fun House is just that - fun. Creative menu and bar. Sangria probably best bar value. Yum crab and mango appeziter with horseradish sauce. Bass with coconut and corn salsa - 3 people ordered this and all loved it. Excellent service and bar with proprietors who you can tell care about their new business.

    1. What a shame. Beautiful surroundings, cool decor to go along with Visionary Museum, but mediocre food and poor service. Maybe they were having an off day.. Dry, dry almost tasteless black-eyed pea burger that waitress recommended and an almost nothing chef salad that was way overpriced. No wonder the waitress never came back to table after food delivered!

      Not my idea of 'Fun'.

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        I had a similar experience there. My wife ordered prawns and grits with wilted kale... The shrimp were miniscule, the kale so salty that it was inedible. My kimchi pork dish was pretty bland. After we paid the check I let the waiter know about the salt problem and they brought a round of champagne to the table... so at least they made partial amends.

        1. re: hotel

          Well, they did the right thing then. I sent an email to manager and have not heard a thing. I guess I should have ordered the $16 french toast -- that would be hard to screw up!

      2. I stopped by there this afternoon with my son. I must say, the service was so good, that I hardly noticed the food. Seriously. There were three waitresses that checked on us through-out our meal, and they place was 1/2 full. The egg rolls were nothing special, but the oyster soup, the pumpkin soup and the grouper sandwich were all tasty. I loved the atmosphere as well. The waitress took my son over and showed him the marble Rube Goldberg and encouraged him to use it. Not only was the staff exceptionally nice, they were also intelligent and perceptive. A rare experience indeed.

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          I had a very good meal there last night. The atmosphere is very welcoming and pleasant, the service was to notch and the food was really good. Excellent picked vegetable appetizer. Great chicken and really nice vegetarian options. Well worth a try.