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Jul 9, 2010 06:16 AM

Magic Bullet alternative?

So I was very much in love with my Magic Bullet... and then it died on me. I went through 3 more, and have decided that I can't keep buying them over and over simply because I love the convenience factor, the great shape (I much prefer the magic bullet's cup design over a traditional blender or even piece-it-together mini-processors) and the small footprint because the motor keeps giving out. As I used it daily in my kitchen, I really miss it.

Has anyone any recommendations for an alternative, that maybe has a similar design but a much better motor?

Thanks in advance!

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    1. Curious what you used it for -- an immersion blender probably fits the bill well enough. KitchenAid makes a nice one. The basic model comes with a power unit, a blender attachment (it detaches from the power unit for cleaning) and a plastic cup. An upgrade adds a chopper blade and beater whisk. The basic model works with me, but the accessories might suit you.

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      1. re: MikeB3542

        I use it for all sorts of things, from making garlic or ginger paste to grinding whole spices together (for when a recipe calls for a certain mixture I don't already have on hand, plus I prefer grinding whole spices when possible for the superior flavour). My husband uses it to make pesto, hummus and so on. Are the accessories really as easy to use as the MB is? Is there a particular brand or specific model that you'd recommend?

        1. re: bittenkitten

          Why not just buy a small Cuisinart processor? Or buy a big one?

          An immersion blender won't work very well when trying to make hummus or pesto and making ginger paste/puree with a hand blender is asking for a mess. :-)

          As you have probably read or seen, a coffee grinder is ideal for grinding spices too.

          1. re: Shaw Oliver

            I use an immersion blender to make hummus all the time.

      2. Hm. I'm still on my 2nd base (the first one blew out after the first usage out of storage - I suspect cobwebs more than the motor spontaneously dying), and I bought my original set when the MB was still brand new and the infomercials weren't everywhere. Sucks that you're having such bad luck.

        I recently used something called a Ninja. I think it came from infomercial land, too, but am not certain. In any case, it's essentially like something look the Magic Bullet and inverted the design to have the motor on top. Great motor, similarly small footprint, and comes with 2 sizes of containers (one small and one large). It's a similar concept to the immersion blender, but you get the cup design of the MB.

        On the other hand, an immersion blender is great - I have one that I keep handy - but the MB is a nice, convenient, all-purpose machine with a tiny footprint. Coffee, tiny pesto batches, fast smoothies, etc. - I can definitely understand the love!

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        1. re: Ali

          Ooh, I just looked the Ninja up, and the reviews look good. I may very well give this a try, since you say the motor is great.

          Has anyone else any experience with the Ninja vs the Magic Bullet? The original Magic Bullet is available (I found out last night) from Costco, and the Ninja is being sold at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Since the price is the pretty much the same, I'm very intrigued.... Thanks, Ali!

          1. re: bittenkitten

            If you have an Oster blender, something like this works pretty good:


        2. I got a Korean one from a market in LA's Koreatown about seven years ago. I use it daily and it's still going strong!