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Jul 9, 2010 03:57 AM

What's the best breakfast bet at Panera?

I've probably been to Panera about 10 times for lunch, and half the time I either walk out feeling disappointed or fairly satisfied with my meal. I'm considering trying their breakfast in a few days when I run around, and I'm wondering what's worth my time and money. Thanks!

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  1. I'm a fan of their cinnamon crunch bagel, toasted, with one of their flavored, low fat cream cheeses.

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      Yum, this sounds good to me right now. I usually get the baked egg souffles, but I'll try this one next time I'm there.

    2. The spinach and bacon baked egg souffle is pretty tasty. It's got some Tabasco in it, so if you like spice, you'd enjoy it.

      1. Their egg and cheese sandwich is very good. It's the best of the fast food breakfast sandwiches.

        1. I love their pumpkin muffins. We don't have Panera in AZ so whenever I am driving through CA I make a point to stop at one and bring home a dozen to stash in my freezer.

          1. Apart from the cinnamon crunch bagel which I think can only be classified fro dessert it's so sugary, I think they do bagels well. It's hard to get a decent bagel where I live and they come close.