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Jul 9, 2010 03:17 AM

Lee,, BecKet and Great Barrington MASS Lunches and Dunners please

Going that way and would love to some down to earth rspots not pricey choices but excellent food please and if they have nay incredible food specialty stores please let me know. Need asap. Thank you kindly.

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  1. Whenever we go up tp shop at the outlets in Lee we make it a point to have lunch at the Salmon Run Fish House right on the Main Street in town. It's a comfortable place with very fresh seafood, done nicely, good portions and for reasonable prices. I especially love fried oysters and will order them whenever I can find them The last time I got them there, they were perhaps the best I had ever had, small but very sweet. When you go, look on the back of their menu for lunch prices. They don't show them on the on-line menu. As I recall the oyster platter is $10 as are most of the lunches.

    1. Route 7 Grill in Great Barrington. Great "farm-to-table" kinda place. Pretty darn good.

      Route 7 Grill
      999 Main St, Great Barrington, MA 01230

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        Saturngrrl, Rt 7 Grill sounds good. Can you place it for me? We come up rt 7 from CT and drive straight thru to Lee, so we're familiar with everything from Guido's to the shopping centers past Friendly's. What is it near?

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          Ack, I'm not sure I really remember. Haven't been up that way since last fall (we like to take a drive up and enjoy the fall foliage!) and we just kind of stumbled upon it. I am not too familiar with the surroundings, but the website tells you (and shows you on a map) right where it is. Sorry I can't be more helpful!

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            Rt. 7 Grill is in Great Barrington just north of Sheffield before you get into town. It's on the northbound side, if you reach Guido's or the Big Y plaza you missed it. They have a giant cow in the front though so it's hard to miss.

            I like the place, it is a good restaurant and I have been several times, but it is basically a BBQ place and I think sort of expensive for what it is. Elsewhere ( not the Berkshires) you can get equivalent or better tasting BBQ in the $10-$20 range and they are more in the $20-$30 range.

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              It's before you get into GB, set back on your right if you're heading north on 7. I only ate there once, for dinner the first year they were open. 3 of us found meats dried out and lackluster. Did love the crispy onions side dish. Would try again for something like burgers.
              By the way, try Cakewalk in downtown Lee for pastries, especially the cinnamon rose. They have lunches too, but I've never tried.

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                We like Cakewalk's chicken salad sandwich on whole grain bread and the quiches for lunch. Both are odd, different from any other place's take, but we kind of like them. Haven in Lenox isn't far, and has a good lunch selection, if a little pricey. (But the Berkshires altogether are a little pricey.) Add another vote for Baba Louie. Just don't expect their pizza to be like your usual pizza.
                Come to think of it --- all the places I like are a little odd! But I think personality is good in food as well---

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                  Sounds good; I'll have to try. I was in there a few weeks ago for a pastry, and a local farmer came in for his breakfast. They also brought him out some quiche to go, as he'd brought them the chard that was in it the day before. Nice place.

          2. I have to give a shout out for Baba Louies Sourdough Pizza in the middle of Great Barrington. Its the best pizza we've found since we left Chicago 12 years ago. Baba Louie's is NOT Chicago style pizza.) Interesting toppings, Well executed. Great salads. If you're going for dinner and on tight schedule, be there before the door opens. Or, there's a carry out window in the corridor adjacent to the restaurant. Which is a great option for Tanglewood or enjoying the street scene on a summer evening.

            1. I agree that Salmon Run in Lee is a solid, unpretentious place with good food. I love their lobster salad plate. I may be in the minority, but I have never understood the wild popularity of Baba Louie's in Great Barrington. The pizza I had there was mushy, the salad nothing special, and the place (including the ladie's room) filthy. All around I found it unappetizing.

              1. There is a Vietnamese restaurant in Lee right off of Main St that is great. I love it: great food and very reasonable prices.


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                  Pho Saigon is the name, I'm pretty sure.