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Jul 8, 2010 10:45 PM

Looking for Yuzu Marmalade

I have posted this question on another forum, so some of you may have already seen it.

We were recently at Refinery and had a wonderful evening.

One of the items we had was a charcuterie platter served with a little dollop of "Royal Imperial Yuzu Marmalade". It was delicious! We enquired as to where we can get this and was told that maybe Chinatown or T&T. We went to T&T, Fujiya, Meinhardt, South China Sea, Edible BC, H Mart, Oyama, Dusso's and Choices, but no one carries it. Does anyone know where else we should look? Thank you!

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  1. You've hit the place I would have thought may have it. Just to throw in another couple of ideas: Gourmet Warehouse, Angel Seafoods (they have some assorted Japanese condiments there too), H-Mart (Coquitlam - it has a larger inventory than the Robson St branch). Failing these, then try Big Crazy, Rice World, Kuo Hua Trading in Richmond ( they really specialize in Chinese/Taiwanese foods - though they have the odd Japanese/Korean thing).

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      On a similar subject, has anyone seen Christine Ferber jams and preserves around town? I haven't really looked yet, but I brought back some of her Blood Orange and Vanilla marmalade from Paris, and it is to die for so I wouldn't mind finding more without hopping on a plane.

      I believe they usually come with a little piece of red cloth on top, with some ribbon holding it on.

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        Yuzu is one of my favourite things on this earth, This is sold in Korean places but they make a tea from it!

        I've seen it at H Mart on Robson and it's fairly cheap.

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          Ferber: now avail online through Sweet Palate, and it looks like they ship to Canada. Haven't seen it anywhere else domestic.

      2. Thanks for the replies.

        We had a lead to contact Farmet Importers and so we emailed them. Within 10 minutes, we received a call back. The Yuze Marmalade can be purchased from Ploger Deli at 1900 W. 1st as well as Cardero Bottega at 1016 Cardero Street.
        Maybe they might carry Christine Ferber jams and preserves as well.

        1. The Yuzu Marmalade question has been bothering me. My parents have a jar of something made of Yuzu, that they eat with their toast. But according to my mom it's not marmalade.

          I finally got to get a good look at today and it's so Yuzu Marmalade! However I can see why my parents insist it's not marmalade. It's labelled as Citron Honey Tea and the ingredients don't even list it as Yuzu. But if you read the Chinese Characters it's Yuzu.

          It's a product of Korea by a company called Kunyung. A search of Wikipedia explains why it's labelled as a tea ( The Koreans make a Yuzu syrup that has a marmalade consistency that they make tea with.

          My parents got this product at T&T. So the Citron Honey Tea has a bit of double identity, see if this works for your marmalade needs. It's very Yummy. I think Guu Gardens uses it to make their Twlight Yuzu Collins drink (a Tom Collins but with Yuzu).

          838 Thurlow St, Vancouver, BC V6E1W2, CA

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          1. They have some Japanese-made yuzu jam at Yummy stuff.

            1. You can find an excellent quality Yuzu marmalade here - no preservatives; just the fruit, honey and sugar. I'm sure they would ship to you...