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Jul 8, 2010 10:41 PM

Blenheim apricots in 510/SF-415 Bay Area?

Would rather not drive far for them (although will if I have to...). Has anyone seen any at East Bay or SF farmers' markets or produce stores? Thanks!

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  1. Yep, I've seen them at the Berkeley and SF farmers markets. I think they should still be around this weekend, though it might be the end of them.

    1. I got them at Ferry Plaza two Saturdays ago, but I thought that was the tail end.

      1. Saw them at the Grand Lake Farmer's Market last Saturday.

        1. The Peach Farm (Winters, CA) grows Royal Blenheims. Here's the photo of them two weeks ago at the Rohnert Park farmers market (friday evening).

          They also sell at Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, San Rafael, and Ferry Plaza markets.

          This link has the contact info if you want to call to check on availability.

          Peach Farm
          708 Hemenway St, Winters, CA 95694

          1. Thanks everyone. I was going to drive to Manas Ranch in Esparto where I bought some delicious Blenheims (and peaches) last year. Sounds like I might have a shot closer to home.

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              Happy Girl Kitchen has them as one of their offerings on the Food Preservation route for the past two weeks....they offer few items by the case each week delivered to several drop points in the bay area

              more info here