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Jul 8, 2010 10:20 PM

ISO classic red sauce Italian in these Brooklyn Nabes......

Marine Park. Canarsie. anywhere in Flatbush. Bensonhurst. Bay Ridge

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  1. Colandrea New Corner at 7201 8th Ave if you want the old style neighborhood place with one notch above mediocre red sauce food at very reasonable prices. Get the eggplant rollatini "appetizer" to share with a small army. There arent that many others left in the areas you list that havent either spruced up and modernized the food or gone way downhill.

    Of course, although not really red sauce, Joe's of Ave U is worth a visit for S.Italian home style steamtable food. (Ave U/McDonald Ave).

    Colandrea New Corner
    7201 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11228

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    1. re: Steve R

      wondering what Chowhounds thought about Michael's - that is one that I have heard of for years, tho not visited.

      1. re: jen kalb

        I havent been for a couple of years and I almost added it to my above response but, like Queen and several others, Michael's doesnt consider itself to be "red sauce" and is one of those that's modernized and is now a mixed bag of old and new. It may well be worth a visit.

        1. re: Steve R

          Do you think any of the places you mentioned are worth going to over Queen? I wouldn't have guessed that they thought they were doing something other than red sauce.

          1. re: brooklyndude

            They do. When the sons first took over Queen, one of them came to our table to check out what we were eating (this goes back maybe 10 years now). He made a point of talking to us about the less "traditional" things on the menu (some of which we had on our table) & explained how he (& his brother?) were in the process of making it a more modern place, keeping the red sauce dishes while promoting more inventive dishes. Okay, so 10 or so years later, I still consider it my go to place for red sauce dishes (well, it's 4 blocks from where I live so it's a no brainer) but I've been there enough to appreciate that they really have made it a more well rounded menu and that they'd be taken aback if they were still being considered a "red sauce joint".

            All that being said, the reason that I didnt put Queen on my response to the op was that he didnt ask for places in this neighborhood and I referenced Queen only to compare it with Michael's. I agree that none of the others compare to Queen's quality for red sauce dishes, although several others are much less expensive and more "down home".

            1. re: Steve R

              Thanks, that is a very informative response. I have little experience with red sauce places so Queen is the definition of a red sauce place for me, but I guess that's wrong.

        2. re: jen kalb

          Michael's is like Queen with much more space, much less noise, infinitely better service. Worth the trip.

        3. re: Steve R

          Went to Colandrea New Corner a few weeks ago and was disappointed. The baked pasta dishes were too heavy and the red sauce didn't have any zip - like they took a shortcut with tomato paste.

          Colandrea New Corner
          7201 8th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11228

          1. re: kdgchow

            Old style baked pasta dishes in old school Italian restaurants tend to be heavy.
            They don't make a 'zippy' sauce but i'm surprised it wasn't more flavorful.

            1. re: Tay

              I'm always torn when recommending these places as they are not usually the kind of chef driven quality that folks now seem to expect. Instead, they get solid home cooking (if grandma was in the kitchen) with some flaws, either based on budget for ingredients or lack of formal training/consistency in cooking. So, it doesnt surprise me if the food was too heavy or the sauce too thin... probably an accurate assessment and it may/may not be true the next visit. At any rate, I was responding to a specific request in specific neighborhoods and, the 2 times I've been to New Corners this past year I've liked it and plan to return. But, it's not Piccolo Angolo ( in Manhattan or Queen (Downtown Bklyn) or even Park Side (Queens).

              Park Side
              107-01 Corona Ave, Queens, NY 11368

        4. You might try Ortobello Restaurant.

          Ortobello Restaurant
          6401 Bay Parkway
          Brooklyn, NY 11219
          (Corner of 64th street and Bay Parkway)
          Tel: 718-236-9810

          Any resto with a dish named 'Spaghetti Alla Frank Sinatra' can't be all bad.

          6401 Bay Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11204

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          1. re: Scagnetti

            I was thinking about putting Ortobello on my recommendation list but I havent been there in 5 years or so & am actually surprised it still exists. The parents/owners were quite old years ago and I didnt think the son could keep it going. Are they still around (& cooking)? Thanks for the reminder and the link to the website. The prices sure have gone up but, if I remember correctly, the portion size was quite hefty. I also remember it as being pretty uneven but I think that goes with the turf at a family run place. Thanks.

            6401 Bay Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11204

            1. re: Steve R

              I haven't been there in many years.

              Ortobello was the go to Italian resto for a long time CH poster who I don't see around here anymore.

              I would keep my expectations moderate. Like Jewish delis, the memorable Italian-American restos of my youth are gone or don't serve the same good food that they used to.