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Mexican Coca-Cola in S. Florida?

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OK, so I can find it at my favorite taqueria (Taqueria Morelia) in Florida City, and I can also find it (oddly enough) at the Publix in Key West, but I don't get to either of those places too often. So, I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for grocery stores in S. Florida that might carry Mexican Coca Cola. The closer to Hollywood, the better. I checked the President Supermarket by me. They had a bunch of other Mexican sodas (and frozen pig heads, so I can now make Rick Bayless's posole recipe, which calls for "one pig's head, split and scrubbed"), but no Mexican Coca Cola. I know I saw someone here mention finding it at a CostCo, but I'm not a member there.

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  1. Is it called mexican coca cola? I have a grocery near me that carries a lot of Latin things. It is called supersaver on Davie blvd. Just west of I-95. They carry goat, salt fish, lots of Cuban ingredients

    1. They carry Mexican Coke at the Publix in Mary Brickell Village (near downtown Miami). I suspect other Publixes (Publii?) carry it too, maybe check some of the newer ones.
      Also, you can find it at Pizzavolante in the Design District.

      3918 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL

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        I believe Publii is correct, but more as the Hispanic pronunciation you would receive when looking for Mexican coke than as a plural.

      2. Rick Bayless has some excellent mexican cookbooks. This guy is the real deal and his PBS show Mexico: One Plate At A Time is worth programming the DVR for.

        Dr. Pepper now has an all sugar version available in stores. Boylan sodas use 100% pure cane sugar and no HFCS. Boylan also has an all natrural line.

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          when i had a dvr, i dvrd Mex One Plate at a Time too. Then i would save them and watch them anytime i wanted to pretend i was in Mexico. I thought i was the only nerd that did that :)

        2. Foodtown in Davie had it last time I was there. They have a pretty good Mexican aisle with a few other beverages - Jarritos, horchata & jamaica mixes, etc...

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            I would go wherever there is an agricultural area closest to you. You will find markets there serving the Mexican worker population. For example in Palm Beach country there are tons of such markets in West Boynton and West Lake Worth where there's still farming.

          2. I just saw Mexican coke and pepsi in glass bottles at the Fresh Market in Aventura.

            Fresh Market
            2640 S Bayshore Dr, Miami, FL 33133

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              Costco in Boca Raton carries this. Not sure if the others do but I'd imagine so. It was $18.99 for a case of bottles.

              They also carry 8oz American version bottles.

            2. BurgerFi allegedly has sugar cane cocoa cola.

              1. They carry Mexican Coke by the case at the Davie Costco. Near the back behind the freezer cases, under big sign saying "Mexican Coke". ;)

                1. Tortilleria Mexicana in Oakland Park has the "real thing". Check out those incredible tamales or the carnitas while you're there. Yum!



                  153 W 21st St, Hialeah, FL 33010

                  1. Saw it at Best Buy of all places yesterday.

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                        The taste test is inconclusive for obvious reasons: Americans have been weened on the high fructose corn syrup so that it is like second nature to us. It's the same thing that happened with McDonald's. It took years to screw up our taste buds; now they are permanently shot. (This is all purely anecdotal -- maybe the American coke really is "better".)

                        Oh, I see it in Publix all the time.

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                          I was going to link to the same story.

                          I'll add that I've seen it in Winn Dixie (so there, Publix, Winn Dixie, Costco... where ISN'T it?).
                          May vary location to location. I saw it in Aventura (WD and Fresh Mkt).

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                            I also have seen it in Winn-Dixie... in the Health District area by JMH. I imagine Mexican Coca-Cola is everywhere now.

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                              Equal parts Mexican coca cola and Amaro Cio Ciaro, with a lime juice ice cube (or touch of lime juice) is a fantastic easy sipping cocktail from one of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta.