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Aug 3, 2005 09:55 AM

LA Time Machine to Bar's & Restaurants of the Past (and still Present)

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I just linked this to another post but didn't want it to get lost in the clutter. If you have any interest in the great old restaurants and bars of LA from the 1940's up through the 1960's this web site is for you.


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  1. Nice find! Actually have been to 75% of the resto's and bars listed over the years. Actually most of the places listed are *my kind* of low-key chow joints, but there you have it. If it's neuvo-decor, it loses 2 or 3 points on the scale as far as i'm concerned.

    1. Thanks for the link up. It was linked in the past and then deleted and I forgot to save the URL.

      1. Does anyone know what happened to the LA Time Machines website? Totally vanished. I remember reading he was going to move it elsewhere but if he changed the name I can't find it.

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          You can still get to some of the content via the Internet Archive "Wayback Machine":

            1. re: Up With Olives

              I too am searching for this awesome content. Sadly the internet archive isn't working anymore. Anyone know if the content is up somewhere or who the owner was?

        2. Comes up with an index when I hit the link