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Jul 8, 2010 08:35 PM

Brian Lewis has left Bedford Post??

Just heard this and wondering if anyone can confirm....

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    1. Brian Lewis didn't just leave or resigned, he was fired!!! After 6 General Managers in 2 years, the owners finally woke up & hired an outside restaurant consultant to confirm what the the last 6 GM's has previously told them. The restaurant biggest fault was internally & that was Chef Brian Lewis. No idea or concept what food cost is, nor does he know how to treat any of his staff FOH & BOH like a human being. And the largest problem was his ego. This all comes from my personal experience working there. All I have to say is that Richard & Russell finally did the right thing!!

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        That place needs more help than that. They need a competant wait staff.

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          Momoney, having worked there myself, I can confirm that everything you say about Brian Lewis is true. It's about time he got let go. What a relief, like a big weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Everyone suffered under that guy. But it was going to come back and bite him eventually. And it did. That screaming, foie gras-killing, 40-lb veal cheek-wasting man who calls himself a chef.

        2. The original comment has been removed