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Jul 8, 2010 07:31 PM

ISO comprehensive Latin market west/north of Boston

I would like to venture into cooking with Latin products like alcaparrado and produce like cassava. Is there any well-stocked Latin market in the quadrant around Rts 128/3/93/495?
I understand that Battambang in Lowell has a large Goya section [Goya for Latin food goyim? :-) ] but searching online has not yielded any Latin markets other than small convenience stores. TIA

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  1. Most Latin markets in the whole northeast tend to be smaller. I tend to hit 4 - 5 different little ones when I am in their neighborhoods. There is a good one on Union St. in Lynn that's a little bigger. Market Basket usually has Cassava which I love. Eastie has a bunch, etc.

    1. The Hi Lo in JP is a decent size.

      On my to-do list is to check out the markets in Chelsea.

      For alcaparrado specifically, I'm pretty sure you can get that any any larger Stop & Shop semi-near a Latin community. I picked some up at the S&S in Brighton (or is it Allston? the one behind the Volvo dealership).

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        Yah but nowhere near the geographic region the OP is seeking...

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          I mentioned alcaparrado just as an example of a cooking staple (my local Market Basket has it) that isn't fiery. Sounds like there's nothing nearby that is a better choice than Battambang, which I have yet to visit. I want to stick within a half-hour drive since I'd hate to cook up something that I go wild for if I can't get the ingredients without a special trip.

        2. There must be places in Lawrence - its over 50% Latino.

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            In Lawrence, Jacqueline's Grocery on Rte. 28 is a well stocked Latin market.