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Jul 8, 2010 06:50 PM

El Pollo Rey - KCK

Kansas City has been almost dead on here, so, for something to talk about, I would like to mention El Pollo Rey. They are located on the southwest corner of Eleventh and Kansas Avenue. When you see the building pouring out smoke, don't call the fire department, that's the place. I recently went there for lunch and it was great. When you walk in, the kitchen and order counter is on the left. On the right is five or six tables. Looks like it could be any number of places in Mexico, except, half of the tables are filled with KCK cops. I ordered a half chicken to go. For $6.50, tax included, I received 1/2 of a perfectly grilled chicken, dark crispy skin moist flavorful meat. Also I got a cup each of rice, beans and salsa, and a baggy of pickled red onions, and something like 8 corn tortillas. This was easily enough for two meals or two people, I hope that others will try it and like it as much as I did.

Kansas Avenue Cafe
325 S Kansas Ave, Topeka, KS 66603

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  1. Thanks for the post - will try the place.

    1. There's another place that does a similar style of marinated chicken in Shawnee. It's called La Cabana del Pollo on Merriam Dr. just north of Johnson Drive. The couple who runs it is accomodating and friendly, but they seem to get little business. We ate in an empty dining area, and saw a few people do carry out while we were there. The prices are soo reasonable, and the food is clearly made with care. Mary Bloch did a review back in March on her site: