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Jul 8, 2010 05:18 PM

Best Kitchenware Sales

After buying a Japanese knife from Korin and then realizing that if I had waited a week or so, I could have saved 15% during their June knife sale, I got to wondering: What other great kitchenware sales are out there that are worth waiting for?

I have bought All-Clad irregulars from Cookware & More during their seasonal sales. I think their 20% off offers are usually in the spring and fall, and those are worth it too.

But are there other good sales out there? When and where should I pick up that Kitchen-Aid food processor or Le Creuset dutch oven?

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  1. I saw a web site banner for the importer that brings in Emile Henry about a yearly sale near Christmas. They are located in New Castle, DE - basically, near Wilmington. Don't know how the sale was, though..

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      Well, Emile Henry is enticing. When I lived in France, I thought I should probably buy a set of tableware and ship it back to the US but didn't. Now when I go into shops I ignore it because it is too expensive and I think how cheap it would have been had I bought it before. Too bad.

      With that said, I am finally trying to add two items to my cooking arsenal that I have done way too long without: a Staub or Le Creuset dutch oven and a kitchen aid mixer. I am trying to buy these common items at a good price and would be very thankful for advice on good places to shop. I almost bit at the promotion last winter where they gave a Le Creuset grill pan with a dutch oven, but I didn't like the size of the dutch oven in the promotion. I wanted something bigger.

      I think I read somewhere that Staub has a lower line available through Bed Bath & Beyond, but I now see that Le Creuset has a summer sale at their outlets, and there is one 45 minutes from where I live.

      I think I might make a trip to the outlet store.

      1. re: smkit

        Keep an eye on stores like TJ Maxx and Tuesday Morning - occasionally they'll have stuff marked down a decent bit. LC is never cheap, but it can be not horribly expensive. Make sure the lids fit well.

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          If it's the Flame line, I'd say don't even worry about a sale. This stuff is so versatile, lovely to cook in and far more durable than the conventional white-lined EH that when you amortize the cost over the lifetime the difference is negligible.

          I started with a small casserole and have gone on to the braising pot, a huge casserole (which is sooo much lighter than a comparable piece of enamel/steel LeCreuset), the tagine and the unique & fabulous tarte tatin set. it's my go-to stuff now and I don't see myself ever running a kitchen without it again. It is remarkable to me that it hasn't seemed to catch on in a major way. ...perhaps it's the initial cost but it's more than worth it in my opinion!

          1. re: rainey

            I am a complete EH convert too! I have a smallish pot (2~ quarts) and the fabulous, super versatile tarte tatin set, and am gearing up to get a large oval dutch oven so I can cast off my enameled cast iron, LOL!

          2. re: smkit

            Watch Amazon and for rebates on the Kitchen Aid mixers--especially around holidays and I just got mine in April or May with a rebate. Amazon also runs specials on the basic colors from time to time if you are not picky about color.

            1. re: flfoodie2

              Go to "Today's Deals" (small gold treasure chest icon at top of screen) and then click the white box on the far right of the screen labeled, "Warehouse Deals". This is where Amazon sells many of its returns/open box, damaged box items. The carry a full warranty and usually are like new. Each item has a description of its condition. Here is a direct link to the Amazon.
              Warehouse Deals section:


                1. re: cajundave

                  Many items are not marked down very much from the full retail price, but every once in a while you find a real deal at Amazon Warehouse Deals. Also, if you order $25.00 or more, all of the items qualify for free shipping.

            2. re: smkit

              I just got a 5.5 qt LC in April and it wasen't expensive from the Outlet, it was on sale I called and got on their mailing list since I heard they had really good sales and the flyer came in the mail with the 5.5qt for $150, so I called the outlet and they mailed it to me with free shipping (that was part of the sale too) so get on the mailing list its really worth it, mine was an irregular but I can't figure out other then a bubble on the inside what makes it a second?? I had a lodge before and the LC is 100 times better not to mention lighter, "I LOVE IT"!!!

              1. re: smkit

                The summer sale can be kinda expensive. We just went to the factory store nearest to us, and the sale was something like, "Buy X pieces of Y(including most lids), and get Z discount!" For enameled cast iron pieces, the first discount was at 6 pieces for 20 percent; for stoneware, 4 pieces for 15 (I think); there was one for silicone; there was a completely separate thing for enameled stainless, I think.

                It was okay for us, because we were intending to buy two french ovens anyway, and at least something else, but it would suck for anyone who only wanted one piece.

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                  Love your username, it's what we call bulgur at home.

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                  There are LC outlet stores at many outlet malls across the country. The thing to look for are their seconds.

                  Usually it's just a small cosmetic flaw and the price difference is great. Also they often have sales at the outlet stores so sign up for their mailing lists! They send me postcards all the time.

                  For example... right now:

              2. I have also used Cookware and More for All Clad, and are quite pleased with them. Don't know where you are located, but I have also bought Le Creuset stuff on sale at their outlet stores. Closest one to where I am is in Kittery Maine, but I'm sure they have other outlets around. Google Kittery Maine outlet stores, and you can probably find links to other Le Creuset outlets. Both Le Creuset outlets, and Cookware and More, have a very broad definition of irregulars, which, after one use of the cookware, you probably can't find.

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                1. re: trakman

                  Love, love Cookware and More. They have sales twice a year, I think (I know one's usually in August) so you can take another 20% off the price of their already reduced All Clad. I've gradually built up my collection over the past decade by shopping from I have everything I've ever wanted except the pasta pentola! They sell "seconds" but aside from an occasional scratch (which, of course, you get pretty quickly once you start cooking, anyway) I've never noticed any difference between them, and retail.

                2. William & Sonoma outlets. 40-50% off All-Clad. Some are not irregular.

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                  1. re: pabboy

                    I almost made it to W-S, but outlet malls are a bit too much for me and I had to boogie after Le Creuset. Btw, the Le Creuset sale I mentioned up thread is not worth it. For one, the outlet products are very marginally lower priced than the regular items you purchase on Amazon. You might save $10-15. And the sale, well, you have to purchase a set before you get the discount, so unless you are in the market for a lot of heavy cast iron, then I wouldn't bother going to their outlet store.

                    1. re: pabboy

                      Seconded. The WS outlet at Woodbury Common (Upstate NY) is amazing.

                    2. I consider myself super lucky during the past two black Fridays at the outlets. Don't know if it will continue this year as the economy continues to... recover (cough). I got my 8 piece All-clad stainless (4 pots/pans + 4 lids) for <$400 from WS outlet.

                      1. If you can use a 4.5 qt. size LC round French oven you can get one in matte black with the stainless handle for only $79.99 at William Sonoma now. A 1.5 qt. LC saucepan is only $39.99 also in the matte black there. The matte black takes a higher cooking temp, and the interior develops a seasoning that renders it nonstick over time. Awesome prices if you don't mind all that black. Very nice looking pieces though.

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                        1. re: blondelle

                          Thanks very much. I was just at WS the other day, but I will be going back tomorrow. I'll see what is available.