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Kate's Buttermilk in Boston

Where may I find it? I'll be in Arlington next week.

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  1. I find it at Market Basket (at least the one in Reading) and Shaw's (at least the one in Melrose) and Hannaford (the one in Saugus). You might call the particular store in advance.

    1. I found it at market basket at the woburn mall, but not at the market basket in burlington (by H-mart)

      1. I have found it at the shaws in west roxbury too.

        1. I get it at the Market Basket in Somerville.

          1. Thank you all. I'll make some calls and ask my daughter-in-law to take me, since I won't have my own wheels.

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              I've seen it at the Market Basket in Burlington so you might want to give them all call, too.

            2. I get it at the Market Basket in Somerville, but frustratingly they don't always have it.

              1. Shaw's in Stoneham and Market Basket in Reading. What does everyone do with it???

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                  If I can find a bottle, I plan to drink it!

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                    A very Irish thing to do. Buttermilk is perhaps the most iconic Irish food, going back to prehistory. When the cows are being milked, and butter is being made, the leftovers from the churning in a cool climate became a highly nutritious foodstuff. When potatoes came from the New World with the British planters, the combination of potatoes with buttermilk made for very nutritious (about as nutritionally complete as one can get in staple foods) but relatively low-labor-intensive staple. With that, the Irish population boomed. And, of course, we know what came next, with a little reminder of the blight infestation from last summer's awfully damp and cool weather...

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                    It makes fabulous biscuits and good ranch dressing.

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                      I make pancackes mostly, and when in season, a buttermilk rhubarb cake.

                    2. Pat: I realize it's not in your area but just purchased Kate's this morning at Market Basket in Salem, MA. From the other responses it appears all the Market Basket's carry this brand.

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                        All their Nashua/Merrimack/S. New Hampshire locations seem carry it. Occassionally an individual store will run out, but a couple of times when there was none on the shelf i've asked and they got some for me from the warehouse/cooler in back of the store. Would suggest doing the same if a Boston area Market Basket doesn't have it on display.

                      2. It seems most of the Shaw's markets carry it. Close in price to both the other brands, but it's the real thing. Makes great pancakes....

                        1. I think I'll be in good shape. Just spoke with my daughter-in-law who said there's a Market Basket near H-Mart and she wants to go there, anyway. Thank you all so much!

                          3 Old Concord Rd, Burlington, MA 01803

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                            That's the Burlington MB. Apparently, conflicting reports about availability at that location according to comments here - call ahead.

                          2. Both Shaw's and Stop & Shop have it in Allston.

                            1. I buy it at whole foods.