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Jul 8, 2010 04:08 PM

Best cheese store in Vancouver?

I'm planning my friend's bridal shower in Vancouver (I'm from San Diego) and would like to get some nice cheeses. She lives in Richmond and I'll be staying there. Are there any specialty cheese shops or can good cheese be found at local supermarkets? I'm also on a budget so some reasonably priced places would be great.
Thanks in Advance!

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  1. IMHO, best to go to specialty cheese shops and get the best possible products you can for your money.


    Les Amis du Fromage

    Benton Brothers

    Mount Pleasant Cheese

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    1. re: LotusRapper

      Great recs from LR for specialty cheese shops (off topic anecdote: I used to work at Benton's when it was Forster's Fine Cheeses -- still remember those pungent Tilsit deliveries!). One more option: La Grotta di Formaggio on Commercial. Though they are Italian heavy, they do have a good selection and I find their prices more affordable than the three above.

      Another even more reasonably priced possibility is to check out the Parthenon on Broadway. They have a smaller selection, far fewer "gourmet" or unusual cheeses to be sure, but enough variety to do a beautiful cheese plate for significantly less money. In fact, I am going there this weekend to put together a cheese platter for my niece's birthday party (well, for the adults!). I'm thinking a nice Greek hard cheese (kefalograviera, maybe), some Roquefort, a wedge of Oka and maybe a nice French brie...

      1. re: grayelf

        I will be discredited for this recommendation...but Costco has a pretty good cheese selection as well!

        1. re: fmed

          I almost mentioned Costco as I have heard they do have good cheese, but I've never bought any there myself (no membership). My mum got a membership strictly to access their supply of Balderson...

          1. re: grayelf

            In my experience the downtown store is the best in this regard. They carry St. Morgon (uh, yum!), Port Salut, and Caprice des Dieux among others.

        2. re: grayelf

          Mama-mia ! How could I have omitted La Grotto ?!? [blush]

          Now that my brain juices are flowing some:

          Duso's on Granville Island

          Essy's and Prima in Lonsdale Quay Public Market

          1. re: grayelf

            Second on Costco! Their imported coastal cheddar is fantastic and a great deal, and great prices on other quality stuff too. Regiano for instance.

          2. re: LotusRapper

            I don't know if they have relocated but Mount Pleasant Cheese is no more. Benton Brothers took over that space.

            Mount Pleasant Cheese
            3432 Cambie St, Vancouver, BC V5Z, CA

            1. re: hanoz

              Mt Pleasant is indeed gone, not relocated. BTW Benton Bros carries the best bulk castelvetrano (gads I hope I spelled that right) and nicoise olives I've found yet in town.

          3. Thank you all for your replies, I really appreciate it!

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            1. re: skoosha

              One more: Bosa Food's Kootenay St (near Boundary and 1st) store has a very good selection.

              Bosa Foods
              1465 Kootenay St, Vancouver, BC V5K, CA

            2. Yet another: Ugo & Joe's on Hastings St. just east of Nanaimo St:


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              1. re: LotusRapper

                This is going to be a handy thread. I hadn't heard of Ugo and Joe's -- will deffo check that out. I must say that little stretch of Hastings is pretty great foodwise: U&J, Donalds, Seri Malaysia, Le Do, and isn't Moccia close too?

                Seri Malaysia Restaurant
                2327E Hastings St E, Vancouver, BC V5L1V6, CA

              2. IIRC, The Cheese Man in North Vancouver (it's a bit of an odd location behind the mall), has pretty reasonable prices. Not as an extensive of a selection as say Les Amis du Fromage, but still worth checking out if you're around there at all.

                1. Thrifty Foods has a great cheese selection.