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ISO Ground Buffalo Meat (Pasadena area)

Any leads on where to purchase Ground Buffalo meat? (Pasadena area preferred)

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  1. doesn't Whole Foods sell some?

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      It seems as if they would - but I don't ever remember seeing it for sure.

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        the one on 3rd & Fairfax does, so I would assume you would find it in Pasadena.
        Outside of Pasadena I've seen it in the past at Marconda Meats.

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          The Whole Foods on Arroyo Pkwy has buffalo ribs and sometimes carries ground buffalo. I would call in advance just in case.

          Also Trader Joe's carries it but it is frozen.

        1. We found ours at Whole Foods

          1. How many pounds are you looking for? I see 1 pound packages all the time at Ralph's.

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                Yep, one pound packages. But there's no limit on how many pounds you can buy limited to what they have on hand.

              1. Pasadena Hastings Whole Foods had it yesterday.

                1. Don't know if you want to make the drive but the Antelope Valley Winery in Lancaster carries it. They have a website you can find on Google.

                  Antelope Valley Winery
                  42041 20th St W, Lancaster, CA

                  1. I found some vendors online, one in particular in Wyoming sells ground buffalo meat in 1lb packages as well as 1/2lb and 1/3lb patties in individual packages for $5.95lb for grain fed or $6.95lb for grass fed. Neither has any added hormones or antibiotics so it's all natural. I live in the Pasadena area and am looking for someone to go half on an order of say 20 lbs since shipping is free on orders over $150. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks