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Jul 8, 2010 03:53 PM

Wedding Shower Planning- with very little time to prepare

So I'm planning my best friend's wedding shower. She lives in Vancouver and I live in San Diego. I will be flying out the night before the shower and get there about 8pm.

She wants to have the shower about 1-2pm so I'd only have the morning to shop and prepare. I'm also on a tight budget so that doesn't help.

I'm torn between a cheese & chocolate menu (her favorite things) or a tapas menu (her wedding is gonna be kind of Spanish style). I love the cheese & chocolate menu- it's fun and it'd be less work- BUT it'd be more expensive. The tapas menu could take a lot more work but be less expensive.

I could possibly make a thing or two before hand as long as it doesn't require refrigeration and isn't too terribly fragile so I can take it in my luggage.

One thing I do know is that there will be sangria. So if you have a great white and/or red sangria I'd be glad for the recipe! I'm open to any recipes and themes! Thanks in advance!

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  1. OK, obviously I don't know you or your friends, but if it were me, I'd ask some number of guests to bring wedges of cheese. Even if they brought expensive cheeses, it would not be overwhelming if distributed. Of course I'm a bit of a control freak, so I'd have cheeses (or at least categories) for folks to sign up for.

    That would leave you with chocolate and crackers. Or whatever.

    Oh, you could also do a cheese fondue, but still not cheap.

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      I was THINKING of making it a potluck cheese/chocolate thing but I was scared it was tacky. I don't know any of her Vancouver friends very well so I'm unsure what they would think. Last thing I want is for people to feel burdened... but I definitely thought of it... now you're confirming that. Oh, conundrum what to do?

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        Well, let me further conundrum you :) I think miss louella is spot on. Everyone will know you're coming from far, far away and to me it would seem the most natural thing in the world to do. I'd also ask them to bring the serving plates, spreaders, knives etc. unless you somehow have that covered. Nothing tacky about it that I see. And YOU can buy the Champagne!!!!

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          Hmmm, maybe you should ask your friend. It wouldn't have to be a potluck per se, but perhaps just contact a few people directly who've said, "let me know how I can help." Or people your friend could put you in touch with who haven't said that but probably would. No need to tell them she sicced you on them... just call (or email) to remind them of your friend's cheese/chocolate love and see if they'd be interested in bringing a cheese (and perhaps something to put it on) to the party. This also gets you out of the hassle of figuring out how to serve/display everything.

          I do think a group ask requesting everyone bring something feels a little less partyish and more please bring dinner.

          If it were me, I'd ask them to bring their cheese in something appropriate for service and to (possibly) have a description of the cheese. (Of course I would also want to arrange the cheeses in a lighter to denser arrangement for those who wanted to sample along the continuum.)

          Potluck can be not so chow worthy if the people involved think kraft cheddar and milk chocolate (substitute appropriate Canadian references here) are gourmet.

          Long before I knew anything about anything (and now I know a little about a little, so I suppose that's progress), we did a bridal shower for my sister and had some folks bring their favorite <$10 wine. We had a fab time and knew nothing about starting light and ending heavier. Ummm also knew nothing about limiting the tasting. I think we had at least nine wines, lol.

          Most importantly enjoy yourselves and get to know each other; it will make the reception leaps and bounds more fun!!

      2. Thank you all so much for your reply. I think Louella I'll take some of your advice. I may ask a couple people to bring things if I know them. Thanks very much for all your responses I certainly appreciate them!

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          i recently did my best friend's bridal shower, and while i did cook, we also did a tea tasting. we had each person bring a teacup to leave with her as a gift/souvenir/reminder from the day. maybe each guest could bring a chocolate for your friend as her takeaway.

        2. I have done this kind of party a few different times. I usually spend as much or more assembling my own platters/menu as I might just buying carefully from a prepared menu.

          So, my recommendaion is that you order a cheese platter ahead of time and just pick it up in the a.m.. Here's a shop in Vancouver BC dedicated to Canadian artisan cheese that looks great:

          OR you could buy a cheese "platter" carefully wrapped for transport in San Diego - here:

          Depending on the season, chocolate covered strawberries and/or fondue are easy to make and feel quite festive.

          (Or, if you are going to Vancover WA - this shop looks like a good morning stop for a cheese platter: