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Jul 8, 2010 03:40 PM

Delicious butter made in Maine

It's called Kate's Homemade Butter, and it's made in Old Orchard, Me. I learned about it when I was in Maine recently. I found it here in NY at Fairway Market and considering the high quality, I was happy with the price (forgot how much now). Rich, creamy, sweet like good cream. I had the unsalted variety, and it had a lovely fresh flavor. It's pretty much a cottage industry, from what I've read. They have buttermilk, too, made from the churning of the cream for butter. I hope I can find some of that here! It's bound to be special.

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  1. I drink Kate's buttermilk all the time, cheaper than the ersatz buttermilk too.

    1. Yes, the butter and (more recently but less widely) and buttermilk are readily found in Boston-area markets.

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      1. I got addicted to Kate's the past three years living in Maine. Now that I am back (temporarily until I move to Dutchess County for my new business) I'm glad to hear you can get it at Fairway. I literally just ran out of all the packages of Kate's I had in the freezer from my last trip to Maine a few months ago.

        1. Yes, the butter has been available at Fairway in the last 7, 8 years if not longer. It was always in sticks. Then a couple of years ago I noticed the expiration date became much much longer. Not sure how they did that and what it meant. Also the new kinds of container also appeared. I haven't used it since, but remember it to be my go to butter when I want to bake something, instead of using the cold French butter.

          1. The original comment has been removed