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gluten-free vegan in Portland

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Haven't been to Portland in about 6 years. Visiting next week. Any particular places we should consider for good gluten-free, vegan options?

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  1. Try Blossoming Lotus, Portobello, Farm Cafe- all have plenty of vegan choices (BL and Portobello are actually vegan restaurants, Farm is vegetarian with vegan selections.

    Alternatively, places like Metrovino and ten-01 and many others might be able to accommodate you with enough notice and a very friendly phone call.

    This is a good local group: http://stumptownvegans.com/

    Here's the local gluten free folks: http://www.glutenfreeportland.org/

    Little Pots & Pans (I know the owner) started making vegan gluten-free savory tarts: http://www.littlepotsandpans.com (cannot be found at all locations, contact her and she will let you know where to find them, and she can mail them to you wherever you live).

    Some vegan ideas and reports here: http://www.portlandfood.org/index.php...

    Also, go to the Farmers' Market, there is a bounty of wonderful fruits and veggies - all vegan and gluten-free! ;o


    Blossoming Lotus
    1713 NE 15th Ave, Portland, OR 97212

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      Blossoming Lotus has moved. They're at NE 15th & Broadway now.

      Close to Back to Eden is the Vita Cafe (NE 30th & Alberta), which is mostly vegetarian with vegan options and G/F (and potentially G/F) options marked. There's Held (vegan belt shop) next door and Dovetail Bakery (vegan with wheat-free options) on the other side.

      Also you might want to check out the vegan mini-mall at SE 12th and Stark. Sweetpea Bakery has G/F options, plus Herbivore Clothing and Food Fight (vegan minimart) are there. The Red & Black Cafe is around the corner on 12th, they're rad and vegan but I'm not sure about g/f options as there's no menu on their website.

      If you're planning on doing any grocery shopping while you're here I'd recommend People's Co-op. Good prices, good politics and the store's all-vegetarian.

      Vita Cafe
      3024 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211

      Red & Black Cafe
      400 SE 12TH AVE, Portland, OR 97202

      Dovetail Bakery
      3039 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211

    2. Pierra Creperie has g/f vegan crepes, and Potato Champion certainly fits the bill.(12th and Hawtorne carts )..also Papa G's on Division...a lot of the carts have g/f..check http://foodcartsportland.com..I think the tofu taco at the Koi Fusion cart(roaming) would fit the bill..it's amazing and I am craving one as I write this!!!

      Potato Champion
      SE 12th and Hawthorne, Portland, OR

      Papa G's
      , Portland, OR 97201

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        1. re: Kazy Ctn

          Why am I looking for gf vegan food? Because my husband and I have been vegan for 30+ and 20+ years and plan to continue for life, I'm gf, and we like to eat.

          Why are we visiting? Because we've both been but not together and not for about 6 years, and Portland is a cool city.

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            Or why has it been so long? Busy life and far away.

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              Petunia's Bakery, they can be found at several farmers' markets including Saturday AM at PSU.

              Have fun. Please report back!

        2. The farmers market downtown on Saturday has a couple of options for yummy looking gluten free baked goods.

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          1. re: porky pine

            Leonardo and porky pine,
            Unfortunately we won't be there over a wkend.

            1. re: lgss


              have not been but hear good things. VEGAN with GF offerings.

          2. Portland is a special place. I'm quite sure I will have died and gone to my just reward before anyone every posts a query like this on the Midwest boards. :)

            1. OH, I forgot Andina!! They have a gluten-free menu and a vegetarian menu, and not only is there crossover, many of the vegetarian items are also vegan. Folks there can help you choose and they know their stuff (I am an omnivore but I get how often servers don't know about their own menu items, not so here.) and it is all delicious.

              Even if you were not GF/vegan, this would be a great choice as it is a wonderful upscale Peruvian restaurant. BTW, be careful on some of the drinks, I adore their pisco sours, but I believe there is egg white in it. Just ask, they won't steer you wrong.

              Andina Restaurant
              1314 NW Glisan, Portland, OR 97209

              1. Thanks for all the suggestions. We were only in Portland for a few days. We ate at Blossoming Lotus, Portobello, got breakfast from Back to Eden, got lunch (twice!) from Shelly's Garden Burrito cart in Pioneer Square.