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Jul 8, 2010 02:40 PM

Metallic / old food taste in cast iron


Is it true that foods cooked in a naked cast iron piece will taste a bit like the iron and/or like the dish that was last cooked in the pan/dutch oven/etc?

    1. ok, couldn't resist.

      Some people are very sensitive to the taste of metal, especially those undergoing chemotherapy. In general, if your pan is well seasoned there should be no noticeable taste of metal in your food when you cook with cast iron, nor should it taste like whatever was cooked last. Having a good seasoned finish is almost like having a teflon coated finish. Nothing should be sticking. And yes, you can use a gentle solution of dish soap to clean cast iron if you were cooking something that isn't rinsing out. Just be sure to rinse well after and make sure the pan is completely dry before putting away.

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      1. There's a similar thread on the Cookware board, really the better board for this topic. Please continue there; we;re locking this one.