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Jul 8, 2010 02:16 PM

Lockhart in Late Afternoon?

With constraints from my husband's conference in Austin, we will be able to get to Lockhart to try some BBQ, but not until late afternoon (3 or 4). From reading other posts here that mention getting places before they open, long lines, items running out, etc. what can I expect at that point in the day? I'm especially interested as we will have our wiggily 2.5 year old along for the trip, and I can't see him tolerating a long wait in line. Thanks!

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  1. I am 95% sure that both Kruetz and Smitty's are closed on Sundays

    On the weekend or holidays, lines can form at anytime (no pattern that I have been able to detect), but on a regular weekend day at that time the most people I have ever had in front of me is 3. Before dinner, I have not had the problem of running out of product.

    Snow's is in another town and is the place where you need to arrive very early to get items

    I have encountered items not being ready at 11:30 AM at Kreutz.

    1. BBQ at 3 in the afternoon won't leave you with a good impression. You have to get to Lockhart around 11am or 1pm at the outside to get the good stuff. The meat declines after that point.

      Smitty's is actually open on Sundays until 3pm, which means get there at 11am at the latest for the good stuff.

      Don't plan on showing up at Snow's in Lexington any later than 9:30am on a Saturday morning. They're only open on Saturdays from 8am until they sell out. If you do make it there early enough, you'll get the best bbq breakfast you could ever imagine.

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        Good tips, thanks. I'd prefer to go earlier myself, and we might be able to do this earlier in the day if we go on Sunday. I'll have to check on the hours.

        1. re: dahlsk

          Ok, Black's is open on Sunday and I think Smitty's is too. If I can only get to 1 because of a toddler meltdown, and I really want to focus on brisket, which one should it be?

          1. re: dahlsk

            I'd probably go to Smitty's given your limitations. Who has the better brisket between Smitty's and Blacks on any given day is a toss up, but the atmosphere and sides at Smitty's beat Black's. I think you'll be surprised by how many children and babies you'll see. BBQ joints are a magnet for families.

              1. re: scrumptiouschef

                I completely agree when you're talking brisket. The last time I hit both joints in one day, Black's was the winner by a long shot. I would still argue that Smitty's is the place to go if you can only go to one although going to both is easy since they're just down the street from one another. Smitty's is iconic in a prettier way.

              2. re: dahlsk

                Yes, Black's and Smitty's are both open Sundays. Both are remarkable restaurants, both usually have great brisket. Both are loaded with atmosphere - Smitty's with the open oak fire literally feet from where you're standing, and Black's with photos of the Lockhart High football team all over the dining room. You'd be very happy with either.
                If the lines are long, you might send one parent to grab a seat with the kiddo while the other waits to order.

                1. re: brentwood

                  I have to disagree about Black's brisket. The last two times I have had it has been a letdown.

                  Brisket is very temperament tho and perhaps I was unlucky twice, but Smitty's was superior last time I went


                  1. re: Chefdavis

                    I'm with chefdavis on this one. Smitty's has the crown for me. The couple of times I've been to Black's I've been less than impressed.

                    1. re: uarent

                      I'm on the Smitty's side too. My husband says Black's tastes like roast beef. I wouldn't go that far, but in a side by side taste test, Smitty's is the clear winner. (And I still do the "rounds" when I go, even though I know Smitty's is gonna do me right)

                      1. re: stephanieh

                        Chisolm trail, that's the new in place to go. Why you ask....I'll tell you why. The BBQ is just the exact same as Kruetz's and light years better than Blacks and the kicker is that it is exactly 1/2 price! You heard that right. I've tried them all, from Luling to Lockhart and I'm telling you the money you save at Chisolm Trail is pure manna from heaven. Get the 3 meat plate for $7.95 and you will think you died and went to heaven. Get the same thing at any of the other joints in Lockhart and be prepared to shell out more than twice as much plus you get to wait in two long lines for the same food at Kruetz's as at C.T. Try it, then send me the change from your $10 bill, you'll be glad you did.

                        1. re: edberliner

                          Traveling to Lockhart and eating at Chisolm Trail is like traveling to Italy and eating at the Olive Garden. You may get a big plate of food for your money, but there are many better options. I'll admit that it's been 8 or 9 years since I ate there, but it left enough of an impression that I'll never go back again. I've heard many times that Chisolm Trail is "where the locals eat", but for the life of me, I can't understand why. It appears to be all about the sides, which are nothing special. They had big bins of potato salad and cole slaw and such that tasted like they had come straight out of a Sysco tub, and the meat was not worth mentioning. The worst travesty was the peach cobbler, which was one of those giant mass-produced frozen trays that goes straight from the freezer to the oven. Truly not worth a dime.

                          I don't like Black's much better. I've been several times, and I won't go back. I used to be a devotee of Kreuz, but they've been supplanted by Smitty's over the last year or so. I have always been a fan of brisket, but the ribs that Smitty's has been turning out lately have been masterful. Perfectly cooked and finger tender, I would say they are definitely the best ribs I've ever eaten. One trip out of the last five was less than stellar. Regarding the ribs on that occasion, I would say they were only very good instead of heavenly. I usually leave just enough room for a $1 scoop of Blue Bell ice cream ($1.50 for two large scoops). The only way that Smitty's has ever disappointed me is by running out of the item I wanted early in the day.