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Jul 8, 2010 01:46 PM

Where to buy fresh wonderful Bratwurst in OC?

I wanna cook up some Brats this weekend. Does anyone know of any shops in OC that make them fresh as well as tasting amazing? I haven't found a place that does the fresh + tasty combo quite yet. Straight Johnsonville has always tasted better then the ones I have bought at Sprouts, Whole Foods and such.

Any opinions?

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  1. Mattern Sausage & Deli
    4327 E. Chapman Ave
    Orange, CA 92869
    (714) 639-3550

    Satisfaction guaranteed! Try the Bockwurst as well - more pronounced flavor imho. Talk to Wally, the owner, about your plans and objectives. He's a font of knowledge.

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    1. re: degustateur

      Great! I will check that out. Thanks!

      1. re: degustateur

        I second that! Mattern Sausage is hard to beat... You will not be disappointed.

        Mattern Sausage
        1003 N Parker St, Orange, CA 92867

      2. Not sure if they make brat, but Promelis in Costa Mesa makes great sausages in general.