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Jul 8, 2010 01:16 PM

Square tart pans?

I've been looking through Eric Kayser's book on tarts and note that he makes most tarts in a 91/2 inch square non-fluted tart pan. He doesn't address the pans at all in his book but I assume that this must be a square pan with a removable bottom - as in a round fluted tart pan. Are such pans available?

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  1. Just type "rectangular tart pan" into your browser and you will come up with MANY sources, including:

    1. Yes. Sur La Table has them in different sizes.

      William Sonoma has a rectangle.

      Probably most restaurant supply or online sources would have them.

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      1. re: Island

        Thanks for the links. There are indeed many square tart pans but NOT non-fluted tart pans as Eric Kayser uses, and which I think do look better...

            1. re: kevinm

              Duh, sorry Kevin read it quickly and saw fluted. Here's another source with a variety of sizes.

              1. re: Island

                Thank you for this link. I have been looking all day for 4" straight-sided tart pans I need in order to duplicate the savory tarts from Rose Bakery in Paris. You have finally solved the problem. This joint is awesome! Thanks again.