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Need an easy rice side dish to go with chicken

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I have some boneless chicken breasts in a yogurt marinade that I'm going to grill tonight. Anyone have any ideas for a good, easy rice side dish? Thanks!

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  1. This Barefoot Contessa basmati rice recipe is easy and good.


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      This should work great. I have everything on hand. I always love Ina's recipes. I love Barefoot Contessa show. She has a calming effect over me. Thanks for the link.

    2. If you like cilantro, a bunch of us on this board really love Robert Lauriston's Cilantro Rice recipe...it's beautiful AND tasty, might work nicely with the yogurt-marinated chicken!


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        This sounds absolutely delicious! Sadly, I have no cilantro(I do have parlsey though). I bookmarked and will definitely make it when I have cilantro in the house. Thanks.

      2. Lebanese rice? I crush up vermicelli, cook it in butter until toasted (sometimes add onions), add rice and stock and let it cook. Sorry I don't have a real recipe.

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          !!! chowser!!! That sounds just like Rice-a-Roni! And I made a copycat recipe of it last night...too funny!

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            I haven't had Rice-a-Roni since my grad school days! Do you have a good copycat recipe? I'd love to make it.

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              Here's the one I used ...it was the first recipe that came up when I googled 'Rice a Roni copycat'...LOL...I used thin spaghetti that I broke up by hand...I was only making enough for 2 of us. Now I can't say we sat back and said "Wow, it tastes just like it!" but it was good and certainly LOOKED a lot like it. I used a combination of Herb-ox sodium free bouillion (that most people on this board wouldn't be caught dead using! I just like it after one of my sons was sick in 2007-2008 and was on a strict low-sodium diet) and Kitchen Basics chicken stock and a generous pinch of turmeric, as this recipe calls for. See what you think...you might be able to find a better copy cat recipe out there...this suited us fine, though.


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                LOL, that's exactly how I make the lebanese rice! Thanks for the link.

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                  Oh, but yours sounds way more interesting!!! Sheesh...wonder if the Rice a Roni folks knew they were making Lebanese rice all those years ago...there's probably a story somewhere...how did you obtain the recipe for Lebanese rice, may I ask? Passed down through family? Neighbor? Just curious that the 2 are just about identically the same!

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                    Um, I just winged it, based on my favorite Lebanese rice from a local restaurant. I don't follow proportions exactly so I can't say mine measure the same but it's the same ingredients and technique, although I vary it. But, mine isn't nearly as good as the restaurant's. I do use home made chicken stock if I have some.

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                      I been making my own rice a roni for years not knowing it is similar to Lebanese rice.

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                        I've been making my own Lebanese rice for years not knowing it is similar to rice a roni.:-)

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              I make a somewhat similar dish but use orzo instead of breaking up spaghetti or vermicelli. Much faster.

            3. My wife makes a nice cold rice salad with dill and rice wine vinegar. Good summertime rice side. Not sure she's got a recipe, pretty sure it's just "to taste".

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                I just picked up some fresh dill (I think it's too hot for it to grow here in SW FL right now, otherwise I'd have a pot of it out front)...and that sounds good & refreshing, Scott D! Can you please ask her if there is a recipe? Thanks!

              2. Basmati rice, sauteed first in butter w. onion, cooked down in chicken broth and then tossed w/ raisins and toasted almonds (can use diced dried apricots, dates, prunes, craisins, pineapple, or any combo. thereof).

                1. I just found this rice at Trader Joe's. I thought I was buying wild rice mixed with a barley. What I got was wild rice, black barley and radish seeds. omg its so delicious. I made some sauteed veggies, made it with chicken broth and it was a huge hit.
                  here is a blurry photo, but I, my dh and the 4 yr old ate the whole pot.
                  oops I apologize, I posted the photo that I made including the chicken, but you can make it a side dish easily (leave out the chicken). Honestly this works well with shrimp, beef and chicken or all by itself!

                  1. Probably a little late for the OP's dinner tonight, but with all the mention of vermicelli, I remembered a recipe that I filed away from a thread last year for rice pilaf. Here is the thread, with Will Owen's pilaf recipe and other rice ideas. I have not make the pilaf yet, but it is on my to-do list.


                    1. I'm losing it. There is a recipe that was posted by a fellow hound awhile back that was the best herb rice. I cannot recall the herbs exact and what amounts but it was to the affect of making a pesto then adding that to a long grain rice. When I saw the recipe here on CH I made it that night with the herbs I had on hand which would of been basil, cilantro, chives and parlsley. Really beutiful and delicious. Perhaps the recipe's owner will come forward and repost their recipe ( so I can save it properly this time) and it will help you. If I recall correctly there was excellent feedback and applause.

                      1. I began making this Coconut Rice a few years ago, and I still use it when the exotic taste strikes.

                        Bring to a boil, stir in:
                        1½ cups chicken broth
                        1 cup coconut MILK!
                        2 t sugar
                        1 t kosher salt
                        1 cup basmati/jasmine rice

                        Finish with:
                        2 T fresh lime juice
                        1 T butter

                        Bring broth, coconut milk, sugar and salt to a boil; stir in rice. Cover, reduce heat to low, and simmer 15 minutes, or until liquid is absorbed. Remove from heat and allow to rest for 5 minutes. Finish with lime juice and butter; fluff with fork and enjoy.

                        EDIT: 1 can of coconut milk is 2 cups. I freeze the remaining cup just for use in the next batch.

                        1. Hey Rheta,
                          I'm stuck in NYC in this heat wave and have started making cold rice salads to go with hot proteins.

                          Toss some cold rice with good olive oil, salt and pepper and either some lemon juice or a dash of vinegar. Add either some leftover cooked veggies or even some raw greens. I made one last night with shelling peas from the farmers market and some kernels of sweet corn and a few shavings of fresh parmesan. Really easy and delicious!

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                            Hey Jeremy, thanks for the rice salad idea. I love lemon with rice. I will definitely make a rice salad next time when the weather is hot. It's been hot here in Detroit, but not like it's been in NYC. Try to stay cool!