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Jul 8, 2010 12:29 PM

Lunch near 22nd and South St.?

I need to find a nice, inexpensive place for a casual lunch near 22nd and South Streets. The place really can't be more than a block or two from that area. Thanks!

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  1. Grace Tavern is under a block away. So is Ants Pants, but I've never been there.

    1. Grace is good.

      Divan Turkish Kitchen is at 22nd and Carpenter. A bit more than two blocks but very good. It's a nice place.

      If a coffeeshop atmosphere is ok, La Va at 21st & South has a nice vibe and good Mediterranean food. It's counter service, though,

      Avoid any temptation to go to Ten Stone, the food is really bad unless you just want to eat wings.

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        I don't think Ten Stone is bad. Their salads are good, and I like some of their panini and other sandwiches. It's by no means gourmet but certainly satisfying enough for a basic meal, especially if you want a drink as well. Unless it's suddenly gone majorly downhill, but I lived a block away from there for years and have had many lunches there in the past.

        Ants Pants is excellent for breakfasty food and if it's a weekday the crunch and crowds won't be so bad.

      2. What about Cafe Luticia on 22nd and Lombard?

        @buckethead I have been to Ants Pants and enjoyed their brunch.

        1. There is also Roberto Cafe at I think 23rd and South. Had takeout once that did not wow me, but should be fine for a decent lunch