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Jul 8, 2010 12:18 PM

Looking for Speck in Chicago

For those of you that might not know, Speck is smoked prosciutto, commonly used in Northern Italy. Trader Joe's has stopped selling it so I need a new source. I prefer the taste and texture to many prosciuttos and Serrano ham. Does anyone know where I might be able to buy it in Chicago?

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  1. I would try one of the Italian markets, such as Panozzo's in the South Loop ( www.panozzos.com ), the markets on Grand around May Street, or the string of them up and down Harlem Avenue in Chicago and Elmwood Park. You could try both Caputo's chains - Angelo Caputo's in five suburbs ( www.caputomarkets.com ) and Caputo Cheese Market in Elmwood Park and Lake Forest ( www.wisconcorp.com/caputocheese.html ). You could phone ahead to ask, of course, but these are all great places with lots of good stuff, so it will be fun to visit and you'll probably find things you want, even if they don't have speck.

    1. Chicago's a big city. In addition to the recommendations above, there's Conte Di Savoia on Taylor, Quartino on State/Ontario and Tony's in Park Ridge.

      626 N. State Street, Chicago, IL 60654

      1. I was on Macello on West Lake last night. The food was hit or miss, but the place felt enormously authentic, down to a little deli in the front room. They had speck and mozzarella on the menu and I wondered if they would also sell it in the deli/

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          To answer my own question: I was just on the Fox & Obel web site and there was mention of German Speck. Thanks for the responses all!

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            How did Fox & Obel work out for you? I'm thinking that "German speck" may not be the same thing you were looking for. Was it truly smoked prosciutto or more like bacon? I need to bug Trader Joe's about dropping the Volpi Speck. For a domestic product, it wasn't bad.

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              I havent been able to get to F & O yet...back problems. I might try Riviera soon, sounds intriguing.

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                I contacted Volpi and they said I can order it online. They don't sell it in Chicago anymore. I think I'll try Riviera first. It was Volpi that I used to buy at Trader Joe's.

          2. Check out Riviera Foods on Harlem Avenue in Elmwood Park, it will take you back in time about 60 years...I"m almost positive I purchased Speck at Riviera. Prices are CRAZY CHEAP! Very few English words spoken there, which adds to the charm. Stop by the newest Caputo's at Grand and Harlem too...pretty amazing ethnic specialty-Italian/American/Polish store.

            1. Longtime Chicago residents know that there is another connotation for "Speck in Chicago"...

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