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Jul 8, 2010 11:59 AM

Irish Potato Bread???

Some friends gave me a birthday gift of some black and white pudding and some frozen Potato Bread. I read recipes for a traditional Ulster Fry and it said the bread can be baked, grilled or toasted, but this is frozen. Obviously, I'll thaw it out, but want to know the best way to prepare it.

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  1. Fried and slathered with butter is how I eat it. Not the healthiest, but tasty! Goes very well with bacon and other breakfast-y items.

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    1. Fried is traditional with any bread in a UK cooked breakfast.

      1. use it to make creamier monte cristos

        cube it (and optionally toast it) to use with spinach artichoke dip

        grilled cheese with a creamy cheese

        bread and butter pudding :)