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Jul 8, 2010 11:59 AM

new name for pasta factory

it will now be called NoBo

from press release:

Background: Sushi Metsuyan opened in Teaneck, there were great kosher restaurants.
Teaneck had a name for a nice community to live in but for the good life residents had to travel
to NYC or elsewhere. Sushi Metsuyan changed all that. After Sushi opened a number of
restaurants, culminating with Pasta Factory in 2007. Now Pasta Factory has grown
ii. NoBo has numerous meanings
1. North of Bagota. A great location deserves a great nickname. North of Bagota =
NoBo…like Soho, Tribeca, DUMBO, NoMad (North of Madison)
2. No Boundaries. In order to produce great food, you need love. Often that’s the missing
ingredient between good food and great food. We believe that great food, like great
love, knows no boundaries.
3. Ein gevulot. There’s a concept in hasidut and kabbalah of breaking the vessels, shevirat
hakeylim. When we break forth into the world, we clear the decks, with a fresh start.
That’s what NoBo is all about. Something new, something fresh, something that will
make an impact. Ein gevulot in Hebrew is No Boundaries = NoBo.

Liquor license—only kosher restaurant in Bergen County
i. 9 different single malt scotches
ii. 38 wines USA, Italy, NZ, Argentina, Israel, France, Spain = Most extensive kosher wine
list & dynamic wine program by the glass
iii. 6 beers
iv. 6 vodka
v. 9 Mixed cocktails
vi. Total of 68 drinks

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      1. re: koshergourmetmart

        That's actual press release copy? Wow, that's awful.

        1. re: DeisCane

          It reads like a coked up Israeli dashed this thing off on his Blackberry in between World Cup matches.

          On topic, love the Pasta Factory. Once took a date there. Date crashed and burned and I'm still horribly traumatized about it years later, even though I'm married with two kids now- but that sauce! Incredible!

    1. sounds like the owner watches too much TMZ
      their paparazzi camp out a NoBu in LA all day.

      BTW, most Teaneck restaurants are BYOB,
      and don't really need a Liquor license for
      Jews who don't drink much anyway.

      1. Do they have the same owners as Sushi Metsuyan? It seems odd to single them out as a game-changer in an announcement for a totally separate restaurant.

        4 Replies
          1. re: koshergourmetmart

            damn - now i'll have to bus out to NJ and try it.
            I love Sushi Metsuyan - whan I can afford it.
            maybe I'll make a day of it and try that new
            Fish of the C's place for lunch... hehehehe

            1. re: koshergourmetmart

              I thought Pasta Factory was owned by Levanas. In fact, an email from them confirming a reservation was signed by Sol Kirshenbaum and when Levanas closed, they moved their catering business to PF (that's why it went meat). Does Levanas own Sushi Metzuyan?

          2. That is the weirdest thing I have ever read. Cameraman has it right. Anyway, these people--if they are the same owners--are rude and disconnected just like the Mocha people. Rabica's gnocchi kicks behind. Pasta factory gnocchi was like rewarmed frozen supermarket gnocchi. Nothing we had the night we were there made the rudeness worth experiencing. I hate Teaneck. And--yeah--what's with the Sushi Metsuyan reference. Just completely odd.

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            1. re: cappucino

              And for the record...
              Pasta Factory was better when it was Dairy.
              Same group of owners as Sushi Metsuyan (who once again, got my daughter's order wrong...)
              I really don't want to eat in a place called bones, no bologna, no borscht, ick...

              1. re: cappucino

                Please don't hate Teaneck. There are some worthwhile places to eat at where the food is good and the staff is nice.

              2. What a weirdly worded press release. What's with the odd numbered lists?