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Jul 8, 2010 10:09 AM

Looking for Good Food in Stratford-Upon-Avon

I will be in Stratford for a week in August and would be very grateful for some recommendations. Vegetarian friendly preferred, but primarily just looking for good places for lunch and dinner. Thanks!

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  1. when i was there we had a pre-theatre meal at lambs which was excellent. it is part of a group with the opposition and vintner. we had drinks at vintner which were v reasonable and in a nice setting. apparently lambs and the oppo are similar in terms of food, vintner's a bit less good but still okay.

    other recommendations i was given when i was researching this were sorrento's, the shakespeare hotel (posh option) and coconut lagoon (mixed feedback on service though).

    if you're interested in places out of stratford i was directed to saxon mill and the bell at welford upon avon.

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        Second the Bell at Welford, it's terrific and they are incredibly nice too.

      2. Has anyone tried the Thai place that's on the river? And isn't there a good Indian place, too?

        1. I realize this is very late for the original poster but so many people go to Stratford i thought i'd still reply Agree with the recommendation for Lamb's. Ate there before MacBeth and they ask if you need to make a performance and pace the meal based in the response. I had scallops and Tom had cod which were very good. I would suggest high teas as well which we did in lieu of lieu of lunch. Our home exchanger recommended Havelings which had good prepared to order sandwiches on the tiered tea service, i'm pretty sure you could substitute the vegetarian choices for the salmon and ham tea sandwiches. They were generous with the clotted cream which in my opinion is the whole point of carry clotted cream! Tips re parking: during the day park in the outskirts at the Park and Ride and take the frequent shuttles in and out during the day before they close around 7 pm. Then for theater since street parking becomes free after 6 you can chance finding parking near the Royal Shakespeare Theater or come a little early, pay for 30-60 min then after six the rest of it will be free.