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Jul 8, 2010 10:09 AM

One Dinner in Venice in October-Recs?

We would like it to be nice. We are considering Met or maybe Da Fiore because they have Michelin stars. We do not often do this but we had a wonderful experience at such a restaurant outside of Palermo a few years ago that we would love to have again. How does Il Ridotto that everyone is raving about compare? I want to know about the food not the prices. The least nice restaurant that we went to on our previous Italy trip had a spaghetti Amatriciana that my husband loved and is still hoping I will someday duplicate so I know it does not have to be big or expensive to yield something we will love.

I have one more question because of many reviews saying that risotto was underdone in many places in Venice. The highlight of the meal we had outside of Palermo was a perfectly cooked risotto-it was just cacio di roma and the mushrooms in season but it had perfect bite and creaminess. Maybe it would be better to skip risotto in Venice and stick with seafood?

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    Please note my comments about both Il Ridotto and the risotto at Alle Testiere. For a Michelin starred experience the Met would be my first choice.

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      Joe: I had skimmed your review-because you and another chowhounder raved about Il Ridotto and Ritrovo(?) and am putting them on the short list-we will be visiting overnight from a cruise and I am hoping to convince Mr TML and In-laws to do a Venezian lunch and dinner so thanks for the link. I did not read the section about risotto. You talk about that seafoood risotto the way I talk about the one I had near Palermo (Il Mulino I think)-same thing mound of greatness in a big shallow dish. I want to eat risotto in Italy again but I want it to equal or better my previous best so you have given me hope despite some other negative reviews of risotto in Venice (too underdone was the critique). Also, got link to your home risotto recipe and will be trying it and will be trying it as soon as I gather the ingredients.

    2. Risotto is tricky in restaurants - but if you are going to eat it anywhere, Venice is the place.

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