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Jul 8, 2010 09:50 AM

Best place for Spices online?

Ok I'm in a very rural are and or local grocery store have and extremely limited supply of spices and of what they do have its pretty expensive. So Ive been looking for a place online that sells spices, especially mixes. Ive found a few but they all seem really expensive. I have found one that seems reasonable, but its also a lot less than the others, so before I get anything id like to know if anyone's dealt with them before. Its called

Also does anyone know any other online places to get good spices in general?

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  1. What's your idea of "expensive"? Before they opened a store in my city I regularly ordered spices from Penzey's and I always found them very reasonable. Others have mentioned the Spice House, which is also run by a Penzey, and they're reasonable as well.

    1. I like Penzey's. Their stuff isn't cheap, but the quality is really high. Paying the shipping is more irritating to me than the price of the spices.

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        1. I was excited for Penzey's when it opened in my city (Los Angeles), but this place absolutely blows Penzey's out of the water. I will say that I feel like Penzey's strong point, to me, is more their baking spices. Still, I think Spice Station is cheaper and the product is superior.

            1. In addition to Penzey's, The Spice House and The Spice Barn, I have good luck with spices from the Savory Spice Shop:

              The Spice Barn seems to lean more toward the commercial/mass market where the others are more small consumer oriented.