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Jul 8, 2010 09:47 AM

Best Soup in Midtown?

I know its hot but I have a cold.

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  1. researchers have found canned soup has the same "curative properties" as homemade, so just buy something you like at the local grocery, then nuke and enjoy.

    refuah shleimah

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    1. re: Joe Berger

      But other scientists believe that the metal in cans imparts chemicals that are unhealthy. Also, all scientists believe that canned soups' high sodium levels are bad for you.

      Best soup in NYC is 2nd Ave Deli, if it's up to your kashrus standards.

      1. re: DeisCane

        It's not the metal that's the issue, it's BPA (used in the liner of the can), which is currently a popular topic of concern.

        1. re: GilaB

          You're right; I should have been clearer.

    2. Mendy's Split Pea is fantastic.

      1. Solo's Mushroom Veloute rocks!