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Jul 8, 2010 09:40 AM

Authentic Sichuan in Pgh N. Hills

Has anyone here ever been? Who the heck knew? China Star in McIntyre Square on McKnight Rd of all places serves authentic Sichuan:

I haven't tried it yet either, but I think I might have to!

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  1. They've been open for quite a while now. We used to eat there all the time. In fact, after they opened, there was no English version of their Sichuan menu, so a Chinese work friend and I translated it for them, paving the way for all of us non-Chinese to enjoy the real deal. They've since updated and improved the menu. Things have changed around a little bit there, and I don't think the food is quite as well done as when they first opened, but it's still the only real Sichuan game in town, as far as I know. If you need a fix, it's the place.

    I haven't been out there in a couple months, so if you're familiar with real Sichuan cooking, please report back on how they're doing...

    They've been open for years now, doing basically the same thing, I'm surprised it's taken this long for anyone in the press to really notice.

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      I don't recall it being mentioned on here before, but could have missed it. I'm actually not familiar with real Sichuan cooking. It was just that reading about it made me want to try it.

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        They just opened a branch in Squirrel Hill on Forbes and Shady, where How Lee used to be. I recently moved from NYC and authentic Sichuanese is my favorite food. China Star's isn't bad.

        1. re: NateFrentz

          I wonder if that's where our local Sichuan chef (who recently moved to the 'burgh) ended up. Dang.

          1. re: NateFrentz

            Last night I tried their braised beef with celery and cabbage, and it was very good. Authentic and quite spicy.

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              I'm sorry, the name of it is New How Lee