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Tasty restaurants near Gold Line in Pasadena.....

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I am coming down from Ridgecrest (its HOT here!!) with friends and under the heading of "we're doing this for something different to do" we are taking the Metro Link from Lancaster to Union Station and will transfer to the Gold Line into Pasadena.

So, I would love to hear about any good restaurants near that area..nothing exorbitant, just tasty, maybe even innovative (not necessary though), food with a casual ambience.....it would need to be where we could walk from the gold line....we are willing to walk several blocks plus.....American, Mexican, Italian, Eclictic are the types of food I think my friends will go for.

As a side note: how far is the shopping on Colorado from the Gold Line?

Thanks for any help!

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  1. The Memorial Park station puts you at the foot of stairs going up to Holly Street just half a block off Raymond, two blocks north of Colorado. There's the Holly Street Bar & Grill a half-block east from where you come out, of which I've heard some good and some indifferent - never tried it myself - and west, at Raymond, is Cafe Bizou. There are some others in that block going south - a Japanese place I know nothing about, Xiomara of which I do (not all good), Nonya which has gotten shall we say *mixed* reviews...around the corner on Union is Cafe Atlantic - supposed to be good Cuban - and Greco's which we liked very much despite merely OK food. And so on and on...that whole area really is such a hotbed of interesting eateries, one can only shake one's head and wonder: all these people mobbing the Cheesecake Factory - WHAT are they thinking??

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      Problem is that Cheesecake Factory is probably better than half of them, including Cafe Bizou. You did not mention Yujean Kang, in that same Raymond block, which to some is quite good gourmet Chinese food, as opposed to the regular Chinese restaurants found in the Valley Blvd. corridor.
      Club 41 at 41 S. Delacey can be a fun lunch in an old world type environment, but don't expect anything gourmet.

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        Except I LOVE Delacey's Cesar Salad! And the bread! Oh yeah, their clam chowder ain't bad, either.

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          Agreed, everything I have eaten there has been good, yet you go there with a no-frills, properly done, almost yesterday type menu. I like places like that that leave pretensions to others, and just serve solid food in a non-trendy environment.

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            I always thought Delacey's Club 41 was a pretty good place for the $, but everyone I have sent there has been less than grateful. Do not go expecting a great culinary experience, but a solid old school value. Kind of Musso and Frank's, junior. For a lot less money.

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            Per WLA's post above about nostalgic restaurants and bars, click on his link and up pops pictures of Delacey's Club 41, so you can judge the nostalgic feel for yourself.

        2. Here's a link to one relatively recent thread that talks about food near the Gold Line. (There are others that I can't find right now.) For Old Town/Colorado Blvd, use either the Del Mar or Memorial Park station--each just a few blocks from Colorado Blvd.

          Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

          1. Off the Gold Line either Del Mar or Holly Street stations are about equally far from Old Town. Just a couple of blocks.
            There are all kinds of places to eat in Old Town. I am sure someone will chime in on their faves.
            Have a great trip!

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              Ah yes, you reminded me, Cafe Atlantic in Old Towm (yummy Cuban food) is within walking distance from a Gold Line stop.

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                And I'd like to add a few more for this stop:

                Xiomara, Azeen's Afghani Restaurant

            2. If you're looking for good pizza, take the Lake exit and walk a couple of blocks to Avanti Cafe. They have California-style pizzas which I think are much better than what you'll find at California Pizza Kitchen. My favorite one is the glazed apple pizza. Yum!


              1. Depending on when you're going to be doing this excursion, you might consider getting off at the Mission St. stop in South Pasadena, then walking about 1 block to Firefly Bistro (see link below). The food is decent, but what makes this place worth the stop is the setting. It's mostly outdoor seating (though under a tent, so you don't have the sun beating down on you). You can then get back on the train to head into Old Town Pasadena for shopping, etc. But Firefly is a nice option, and very close (we're talking two minute walk, tops) to the station.

                If you happen to be there on Thursday afternoon/evening, the South Pas farmers' market is held adjacent to the Mission St. station, and Firefly has a special "tapas" menu that evening.

                Link: http://www.eatatfirefly.com/

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                  I'd second the Firefly rec.

                2. What about Shiro???

                  Just this evening a party of 7 of us were dining at the Water Grill in downtown L.A. During dinner, talk about subway excursions came up. I'm a late bloomer, and have only recently discovered the fun of taking the subway from Universal City, and ending up in some completely different environment---really a great way to shake up one's routine---and some tasty food can be experienced as well. Anyway---the subway adventure I have yet to try (but I want to) is to take the subway to Union Station, and then take the Gold line all the way to Pasadena. I've enjoyed Shiro for a number of years, and I'm told that it is within a few blocks of the Gold line terminus.

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                    Yes, Shiro. I should have mentioned that in my Firefly/South Pas post. Brain cramp.

                    Shiro is wonderful. I haven't been there in about a year. At the time, Shiro was getting ready to open Orris, and was looking for a buyer for his South Pas space. I guess he's decided to keep it going, huh? Has anyone been recently? I would expect that Shiro is spending most of his time in WLA...

                    If I recall correctly, the restaurant is about a 5 minute walk from the Gold Line station.

                    Which reminds me. There's another South Pas restaurant I've heard good things about, Bistro K or something like that, which is also near the Gold Line. But, since I've never been, I cannot personally recommend it. But I've read good things elsewhere on Chowhound.

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                      Bistro K has food comparable in quality to Shiro (not counting the catfish, of course) & is considerably closer (on El Centro) to the train. Both are significantly better than Firefly. Not a knock on Firefly, but high praise for Bistro K & Shiro.

                    2. Hello,

                      Off the Mission stop from the Gold Line is Firefly Bistro, it's a terrific place and we've always had a wonderful meal every time we have been there. On Thursday nights, there is a Farmer's Market right there and Firefly serves a tapas menu.

                      1. Just wanted to weigh in...although the South Pas/Mission Station area is quaint and I do enjoy the Firefly Bistro, there are just so many more things to see and do in Old Town. More shopping, sightseeing (the City Hall area for instance is beautiful), movies, etc, and dining.

                        I would get off on the Memorial Stop which takes you to the heart of Old Town and eat at one of the restaurants mentioned in this thread.

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                          Robert Thornton

                          I also like Bistro K in South Pas, about three blocks from the Mission gold line stop.