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Jul 8, 2010 09:16 AM

Best bagels and/or coffee near Syosset

LA peeps in town looking for the best of what Long Island has to offer.

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  1. best bagels in syosset are at Bagel Master, across from the train station...believe it's Cold Spring Road.

    second best, unless it's late night and they are hot (and you are drunk!) is the original Bagel Boss in the shopping center at corner of South Oyster Bay Road and Woodbury Road (this is technically woodbury bordering on plainview geographically but it's right adjacent to syosset)

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    1. Can't say I agree about Bagel Master in Syosset. Their bagels are pretty ordinary.

      The original Bagel Boss in the Staples shopping center on the corner of Woodbury Rd and South Oyster Bay Rd is the best in the area. It is actually in Hicksville, not Woodbury. They also supply bagels to many of the local delis and supermarkets as well.

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        I agree with valmar. Bagel Master in Syosset is pretty blah. Plus, their attitude stinks in there.

        Bagel Boss, IMHO, has great bagels.

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          Another vote for Bagel Boss. That store (the original, I believe) also supplies some of their other branches as well. I think I read a while ago, that only a few of their stores make them, the rest are supplied by those.

          Cinnamon Raisin version is very good besides my usual plain, poppy, everything selections.

        2. Lots of bagel places, probably the best is Bagel Boss on the Hicksville/ Syosset border.
          I particularly like their sesame bagels. Later in the day and at night, they can be somewhat stale. Very good veggie cream cheese.