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Jul 8, 2010 09:08 AM

City Center lunch for the World Cup?

Coming to Vegas this weekend and will be in City Center for the World Cup final game at 11:30am on Sunday. Have zeroed in on two potential lunch spots to watch the game: Skybox at Aria or Todd English P.U.B in Crystals.

Any chowhound comments on these two bar/restaurants? Any other recommendations in the immediate neighborhood?


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  1. Skybox brings nothing special to the table, and we would add Julian Serrano at Aria to this list - with Spain in the championship game, that could add a special flair to the atmosphere.

    1. I cannot comment on skybox having never been; however, I am quite fond of PUB(even though it is a T. English joint). I've watched two games there recently and it is a pleasant atmosphere-sound on, 46in.? HDs, good service. The food is pretty outstanding, based on the 5 things we've ordered(some meats from rotisserie, various sandwiches, great pickle plate). Solid beer list both draft and bottles as well. My sole complaint thusfar is the pricing. Beers are uniformly expensive, even by Arai standards. But if you can finish one in less than seven seconds its free. I might arrive at 1115 or so to ensure a good seat if you choose to sit at the bar.

      Another idea, although it may be booked solid already is Lagasse stadium(at Palazzo). I've watched several games there as well and it is awesome. Great atmosphere(chanting, etc.) and sweet set up for watching sports. They even have a small book in the space for half time bets and the like. The space is filled with tvs and the best area is in the main room-movie theater like, projection screen, couches with stepped levels front to back. I snagged a reservation yesterday for four in that area so it may still be avaiable with cancellations. Downsides are miminum 100/pp food and beverage requirement(only in that specific area, other areas are 50/pp and 25/pp). And the food. In a word-terrible. We've tried many, many different things and haven't had anything approaching solid. It all seems pre-prepared but we've only been during world cup games when its packed. How hard is it to screw up glorified bar food? But yelp has some good reviews so maybe my experiences are anomalies. Notwithstanding the food(at least its edible), its pretty cool place to catch the game.

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        Thanks for the replies. Very helpful.

        I had assumed (wrongly?) that Julian Serrano would not have tv's as part of its offerings. If they do, I agree that it would be a great place to see the Spain vs. Netherlands play. Anybody know the tv situation there?

        Absent tv's at Serrano's, I'm leaning towards Todd English. I too love Lagasse's stadium for games (spent a college football Saturday there last Thanksgiving). But, I'm concentrating on City Center during this trip.

        Any further advice would be much appreciated.

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          There are televisions at Serrano. And the menu provides a great way to spread courses out over the span of the game.

          1. re: QAW

            Julian Serrano it is. Thanks for the rec and the tv information

            1. re: cortez

              Ended up at the Mandarin Oriental for world cup brunch as they set up a special large screen for the match. Couldn't have been better.

              Brunch was not cheap ($58) but worth it. Combined buffet appetizers of salads and charcuterie with an outstanding sushi and oyster raw bar. Passed dim sum treats supplemented the buffet. Entrees were ordered separately when you specified and focused on Asian specialties of Chinese, Thai and Indian origin. I had the Thai minced chicken with basil and rice. Wow. Spicy and delicious. Dessert buffet to end this event. I splurged w bottomless glasses of Veuve Cliquot for $35- great deal for me, loss leader for them.

              Will go again to Sunday brunch to the Mandarin Oriental.