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Jul 8, 2010 08:31 AM

Food Pairing for Puligny-Montrachet (white burgundy)?

I need some recipe options for dinner tonight. I have a special bottle of wine and I want to make sure it pops. I was thinking:

to start:
appetizer plate of creamy cheese (brie or camebert) and chilled smoked salmon

main course:
mussels (how to flavor)
potatoe salad

do these items do the wine justice? any other ideas?


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  1. Asparagus is a wine-killer.

    I'd add a small amount of garlic to the mussels (not too much- your Burg may easily be overwhelmed), a couple splashes of the wine and whatever fresh herbs you have on hand.

    1. Mussels with a touch of cream and chervil does it for me with white Burgs.

      Definitely avoid the asparagus, as per the previous poster. I'm yet to find a red that goes with it, and only a few whites - Verdicchio and the like.

      What is the vintage and producer?

      1. Just in case premature oxidation shows up, have a backup handy.

        1. a) What is the specific wine?

          b) Yes, if you can, shift from asparagus to something else -- that and artichokes are two really difficult (but not impossible) dishes to pair with wine -- something like green beans (French haricot vert or Blue Lake), snap peas, etc., etc. If you DO want to do asparagus, grill it on the barbecue.

          c) Save the Puligny for the main course. With the appetizer course, you can serve Champagne, a Beaujolais, or a light Pinot Noir from California or Oregon.

          d) "Any other ideas?" I love Puligny-Montrachet -- indeed, almost all White Burgundies -- and Puligny can shine with everything from lobster to a simple roast chicken. But steamed mussels in white wine and garlic will be fine. I'd recommend using a M√Ęcon or inexpensive (but dry) California Chardonnay . . . .


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          1. re: zin1953

            Thanks for the advice!

            The wine is a Domaine Ramonet, Chassagne Montrachet Premier Cru "Vergers", 2006.

            I decided to forgo the asparagus and potato salad and will start with the creamy French sheep's milk cheese from my local cheese store, fresh bauguette and smoked salmon to start, followed by the mussels in white wine and herbs over linguine.

            Thanks again for the advice!

          2. Jenn,

            By my palette, they do not. I am a big fan of Montrachet's, and think of things like Kahuku corn chowder, lobster, a white fleshed fish in a cream sauce, and maybe a lighter pork dish.

            For a cheese course, I think a St. Andres Brie, or similar, but later in the meal.

            Asparagus, as has been mentioned is more than hard to pair with wines.

            The salmon is better with a smoky Pinot Noir, (more smoke, the more fruit-forward that I would go) or a very big Pinot Gris, if one wants a white.

            For mussels, I usually think a Loire Muscadet, or maybe a Sauvignon Blanc, but the prep could temp me otherwise.

            Montrachets are bigger, creamy and luscious. Harsher flavors will likely not even be a good counter-point, IMHO.