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Jul 8, 2010 08:08 AM

Fisherman's Quarter Asheville

Always looking for"decent" seafood
Anybody try Fisherman's Quarter or other suggestions in and around asheville

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  1. I believe Fishermans Quarters is a typical cheap frozen fish place. For really good seafood, head to Que Sera in Black Mountain. It is fresh and awesome. The Chef is from Louisana and does seafood right.

    Que Sera
    400 E State St, Black Mountain, NC 28711

    1. There are several Harbor Inn Seafood Restaurants but I have found the food to be excellent there.

      Harbor Inn Seafood @ 880 Brevard Rd., Asheville, NC 828 - 665 - 9940.

      1. Been there off and on for years will not go again...
        by Rev R M (1 review)
        April 23, 2011
        I have been there numerous times over the last few years since 2004, this year (2011) will be my last. It seems the food went from great and enjoyable to below the other restaurants that were equal competitors. I ordered the "lite" two item plate and choose to add shrimp with a glass of sweet tea. When my order arrived my fries were cold, soggy, and limp. the whiting I ordered was greasy and fell apart so much so you could not cut it and keep it on the fork it mushed and fell off leaving you with greasy crust and having to go back and reclaim the pieces on the plate. The hush puppies were the ring type and were good but ring type hush puppies are for donut shops and are supposed to be round balls, The stuffed crab was the enjoyable part but doughy throughout. My bill came to $19.35, this is way more than any other seafood restaurant's in the city for their large mountainous seafood platters! When I ordered I knew what I wanted due to my budget and said so, the "lite" menu did not cost 17.00 but was $11-12.00 and extra for the shrimp is not $5.00 for 5 (50 to 80 count size) shrimp. I mentioned this to the owner who looked at the ticket and said since you ordered the shrimp your order changed and was upgraded to a "large" 3 item plate! Keep in mind were not talking full size seafood platter! He did not even want to do anything for me even though the food was terrible and the people before me had the same problem, the waitress did not tell me of the upgrade and how much more it would add to my bill! I know you pay extra for an extra item but to upgrade the entire plate to the next level for 5 shrimp! This along with the poor quality of the food and the people across and in the other room from me with the same problems! This and high prices will make this a never visit place again..All evening I felt bad and had the aftertaste of the cooking oil ...Greed and lousy customer service by an owner or manager does not = succeed....Captain your ship went down in flames with no glory!...Folks go to the other seafood restaurants for cheaper full size seafood platters that cost what their 2 to 3 item plates cost with food thats cooked in grease that's changed regular and the food enjoyable...the customer service is friendly and they listen because your a customer and not just a food ticket...seems to me Fisherman's Quarters care about the bottom line and not who they reel in!

        1. Blue Water Seafood on Charlotte is the place from what I hear...We're pure vegetarian so I have to go by word of mouth on this one...

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            Blue Water is great! We get fish from the market there at least once a week (in fact, we're grilling some shrimp, scallops and oysters from there tonight) and their lunch offerings are a little on the pricey side, but excellent.

            1. re: miss piggy

              Blue Water is indeed fabulous. MMMMMM :)