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Jul 8, 2010 07:59 AM

palm beach near the Breakers hotel

looking for some recs near the Breakers hotel in Palm Beach. i won't have a car so something in walking distance or a short cab ride would be preferred.
i will be flying solo so i will need someplace where i can eat at the bar. i am looking for good food that won't break the bank. nothing fancy with a good beer list.
i've been told that Roccos Tacos is decent?

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  1. Bradley's on the Intracoastal in WPB is an easy walk across the bridge, has good food and a lively bar scene.

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    1. Taboo has a great happy hour with half price drinks and appetizers at the bar.

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      1. Rocco's Tacos is just average mex and the tacos are not so great. Rocco's has a good lively scene on weekend nights. Grease across the street has a great burger (mainly bar food) and the beer list is probably better than most places on Clematis, with the exception of Roxy's.

        City Place restos are too touristy for most locals but it might be nice if you are visiting.

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          thanks for all the great input. looks like i will avoid Rocco's. Grease looks pretty good too and they have 2 for 1 specials from 4-7 with an awesome beer list