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Jul 8, 2010 07:49 AM

Best Lobster Roll on the Cape?

My wife and I are heading to the Cape this weekend and she loves lobster, I will try and oblige and find her the best. Any recs? I've read about Young's Fish Market and a couple of others, but it's hard to get a good grasp on what's there. She prefers heavy on the lobster, not so much the mayo....definitely more lobster than lobster salad. Also, not too buttery. We'll be in Chatham and don't want to travel up to Provincetown or too far west. Aside from lobster rolls, any other can't miss places to try out? Thanks!

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  1. The Raw Bar in New Seabury has outstanding lobster rolls and worth the $25 or so they charge. I believe they opened one in Hyannis.

    1. You don't have to travel far to get a good Lobster Roll. Try The Chatham Pier Fish Market for a fresh-picked lobster roll that's light on the mayo. If you prefer an enormous amount of canned frozen Canadian lobster meat piled onto a $25 roll, then by all means drive to Hyannis or Mashpee to visit The Raw Bar.

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      1. re: CapeCodGuy

        Thanks for the rec! It was absolutely wonderful....and piled high. Also tried Arnolds as we were out that way after we first arrived - meh. Not too bad, but Chatham definitely a lot better. The fried clams were good there, though.

          1. re: CapeCodGuy

            I, too, took your advice and went straight to the Chatham Fish Pier store on my trip to the Cape two weeks ago. Their lobster roll was AMAZING. Costs $5 more than Arnold's, which was pretty good, and worth every penny for the extra lobster—so much I had to share it. Somehow the buttered toasted roll was better, too, at Chatham. Though I must say that Arnold's cole slaw was better—really fresh and delicious.

      2. Friendly Fisherman in in my book year after year, although there was one report earlier this season that it is not as good as in the past. Anyone else been?

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          1. re: Science Chick

            I used to LOVE FF in Eastham but read a few "eh" reviews so went to Moby Dick. It was ok but not worth the price. Sesuit Cafe is usually reliable and also the views and BYOB are desirable.

            Moby Dick's
            RR 6 Wellfleet MA, MA

            1. re: phelana

              Went to FF last Sunday. It was awesome as usual. The lobster roll was piled high with fresh lovely lobster. Still a great value at $17.95.

            2. re: Science Chick

              Mmmmm, looks great. Just spent a week in Chatham and wish I would have made my way there.

          2. I like Mac's Seafood on the Pier in Wellfleet.

            1. I just got back from the Cape earlier this month and discovered a great Lobster Roll at Skippers in Yarmouth. (Not Skippy's on 28).
              Skippers is on South Shore Drive overlooking the beach. We walked there for lunch from the beach and sat upstairs on the deck. They offer a regular roll (4 oz Lobster on hot dog bun) and then a larger version (8 oz on a grinder/hoagie roll). I had both on separate visits.
              I hate lobster that is heavily buttered or mayo'd and that doesn't have large, distinguisable pieces of lobster. I'm not a Lobster Roll afficianodo, but I thought the one at Skippers was very good - - - especially when sitting on the deck looking over the beach with a summer ale draft.
              I wouldn't call Skippers fine dining for dinner, but for a good beach lunch it was just right.

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              1. re: foleyd7

                Sesuit Harbor Cafe in Dennis, MA - hands down the best lobster roll you will ever have!

                Sesuit Harbor Cafe
                357 Setucket Rd, Dennis, MA 02638

                1. re: mmshih

                  I'm in the cape again this week. May try hitting Sesuit Harbor Cafe for dinner tomorrow - - - if this darn rain ever stops! Thanks for the tip on the lobster roll there.

                  Sesuit Harbor Cafe
                  357 Setucket Rd, Dennis, MA 02638