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Jul 8, 2010 07:38 AM

Le St. Urbain

Not one to gush about mid-week restaurant visits but I have no choice now. In this heat and humidity, the SO announced on Tuesday nite that , no how no way were we staying in and enjoying our usual home-cooked dinner. So where to go...... a toss-up between her favorite sushi joint and my hankering for a new spot. Luckily, I won the coin toss and opted to check out Le St. Urbain, corner Fleury and St. Urbain in the north end. And a great choice!!

Chalkboard menu, 60 seats, and seated without a reservation. A very lucky scenario, so we were told by the wait staff. And, lo and behold, by the time we left at 8PM, full house!! And no wonder.. a great meal.

Ordered a bottle of Pinot Blanc "Barriques" from Domaine Ostertag ($49) and immediately fell into the mood of Le St. Urbain, resto du quartier. Ordered Moroccan octopus and tomato salad for starters, both exquisite in presentation and satisfying in both taste and quantity. Mains were halibut filet and duck breast, both very pleasing to the palate. No room for desserts but did try a couple of the cheeses presented by the very attentive and charming wait staff.

All in, $175 for two. A great meal, good value for money and definitely on the list for a return visit!!

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  1. After reading very enthusiastic things about St-Urbain, visited in March and was really disappointed. Solid bistro food but nothing special.

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      I will second the disappointment. Good service but it was a bit of the emperor-has-no-clothes moment for me after all the good things I had heard. I think its much more modern (and more interesting) than standard Montreal bistro fare but did not deliver for me. Maybe just a bad night.