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Jul 8, 2010 07:06 AM


Any suggestions for good chow in the Sturbridge area? Casual, pub, fine dining?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I had quite a good meal at the Vienna House in Southbridge a few months ago, a German/Austrian restaurant. I'm no expert on that cuisine, but it seemed reasonably authentic and definitely pleased my in-laws (who are all descended from German immigrants and spent much of the meal reminiscing about the food the grandma used to cook). Definitely more of a fine-dining atmosphere (it is attached to a bed and breakfast) and leisurely-paced, but not too expensive (entrees $20-$30 if I recall correctly). Very tasty slow-cooked meats and spatzle.

      1. It's anything but fine dining, but BT's Smokehouse, across from the entrance to Old Sturbridge Village has some pretty good barbeque. Try the smoked wings in four flavors. Prices are very reasonable for the type of restaurant where many such spots want to charge extra for the novelty. BT's is on the side of the building next to a convenience store.

        B.T.'s Smokehouse
        Sturbridge, MA, Sturbridge, MA

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          I'm confused.

          I skipped over to the link for BT's and there it says BT's is next to Yankee Spirits, which is not a covenience store. It is a very large liquor store. Very Large.

          There is a convenience store across from the entrance to Sturbridge Village. Which is correct?

          1. re: seaville

            Both. BT's main shop is across from OSV and has excellent Q. I had the ribs before, this time had pulled pork and GF had brisket. Both with excellent bark, pork a tad salty, nice smoke ring and moist flavorful meat. Cheesy grits are fantastic, collards very good, cornbread OK. Variety of sauces and pickles including habanero carrots.
            The location next to YS is a small takeout. Never tried it.
            We also at at the Public House. Meh. Not worth typing about. Nice place for old people.

            1. re: trufflehound

              "old people" - one of which you will be eventually, don't forget!! Perhaps then you will understand why not-noisy, polite service, and a bit of elegance are enjoyed by the senior set. Ah, to walk a mile in another man's/woman's shoes--so instructive and eye-opening.

        2. Cedar Street Restaurant offers fine fare, just off Rte. 20 on the right, (though not casual) Enrico's makes very good brick oven pizza (wood fired 800+ degree oven) and other eats, Whistling Swan is a long term stable place for mid-priced meals, Rovezzi's, near the intersection of Rtes. 20 and 48 offers very good Italian. Kaizen does good sushi and broad assortment of Japanese dishes.
          I know the owners of Vienna so my opinion is biased, but they do a very impressive job with Austrian cuisine..

          The Sturbridge Host Hotel, across the street from the entrance to OSV (well back from the road) has a pub in a building next door that serves good pub food. Thai Place, right by the entrance to OSV has been consistent and reliable the past several years.
          Bon appetit!

          Rovezzi's Restaurant
          603 Main St, Sturbridge, MA 01518

          Whistling Swan
          502 Main St, Sturbridge, MA 01518