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Jul 8, 2010 06:11 AM

Roasted Vegetable Torte - What went wrong?

I made Ina Garten's Roasted Vegetable Torte following the recipe exactly. When I tried to "unmold" it the torte fell apart. I rearranged the vegetables as best I could. It tasted great but the presentation was ugly. What did I do wrong?

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  1. Did you use a nonstick pan to mold it?
    Thoughts- spray with nonstick spray (Pam etc), line pan with parchment paper, use a spring form pan and still line the bottom with parchment or wax paper. Be sure you weight it down enough.

    1. This recipe can be very liquidy. In addition to weighing it down, it may be useful to drain off some of the liquid by (carefully!) tipping the pan over the sink.

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        I did use a nonstick pan with spray but did not line pan with parchment paper. Will try that with a spring form pan. I also thought it might be that I did not weight it down enough because I did not have much liquid at all???? I did drain off what little there was.